What To Do When Murphy’s Law Strikes? 3 Common Examples

When last-minute situations arise, you know how frustrating it can be. It is important you learn what to do when Murphy’s Law strikes, as you’ll be better prepared to handle any unusual situation that arises.

When it does strike, the best part to do is plan ahead of time.

Whether that’s the day before or weeks in advance, we can help avoid lots of frustration that can kill your precious time.

In this article, I’ll go over a couple of examples of when Murphy’s Law comes into play. Along with that, I’ll go over how I plan things out when it does strike inevitably.

  1. Client Meeting Planned- But Suddenly Cancelled
  2. Working- But Then Personal Things Come Up
  3. You’re Pulled Away To Do Something Else
  4. Questions to Ask Yourself
What to do when Murphy's law strikes? This post will go over some examples when Murphy's law can happen.

What to do when Murphy’s law strikes?

If you believe this phenomenon is real, the best thing to do is plan ahead of time. If you work on things earlier in the day, that will help prepare for unexpected things to arise later in the day. Or if it’s weeks ahead of time, you’ll be less frustrated later on if it does happen

What to do when Murphy’s Law strikes? 3 common examples

Murphy’s law examples

There are many examples where Murphy’s Law takes place. For the purpose of this article, I will go over three common examples of when it can strike.

It’s part of a long list that I looked over while researching this topic. By going over these examples, you’ll have a better understanding of how Murphy’s Law can happen.

Client meeting planned- but suddenly canceled

Imagine you had a meeting planned with a client, but suddenly they cancel out on you at the last minute. Your initial reaction may be frustrating; however, the idea of planning ahead can help avoid this common frustration.

Instead of feeling frustrated, you can use your free time now to do things that you had meant to get done earlier.

For example, could you do a research report that you’ve been putting off for some time?

Or if you were not prepared, you can use the time to do things that can help make the meeting go better the next time around.

So it’s something to think about when you have last-minute situations come up to you.

Working- But then personal things come out

You may be working on the projects that you had planned to do on a given day. Unfortunately, a personal situation comes up that takes your time away.

Not only did that take away time, it means that you’ll have to reschedule that time later on.

Can you set time later during the evening, or can you postpone that activity for another day?

It helps to schedule time for those activities, in case personal situations come up. It’s not uncommon, and something more people need to work on it they want to make better use of their time.

Can Murphy’s law be positive?

There can be good reasons for the unexpected to happen. There’s always a silver lining in every kind of situation. So if you’re willing to take risks, Murphy’s law can work for or against you at all times.

You’re pulled away to do something else

Ever had a situation where as soon as you sat down, you got pulled away to do something else? I’ve definitely had that situation take place many times.

Many interruptions can take place when you don’t want to. It definitely takes away time from the work you should be doing.

When that happens, I do my best to schedule focus time to take place. When you have time to do focus work, you’re able to set boundaries.

In other words, you’re able to say no to the situation when you need to do your most important tasks.

How I work around this phenomenon

I tend to believe in Murphy’s Law from time to time. In that case, I’m all big on planning ahead of time no matter what.

For instance, I’ll plan weeks ahead of time if I know I’ll be spending time with family on certain days.

When random things come up, I’ll have a sense that I need to do my important tasks early on.

That way, when I do have leisure time, I have a sense of ease that I’ve got my work done early on.

Or if some random things happen and it hits the fan, I won’t be frustrated when I have a long laundry list to take care of.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Do you believe in Murphy’s Law?
  • Do these situations resonate with you?
  • Do you plan ahead of time before Murphy’s law strikes?
  • What can you do differently to prepare ahead of time?

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Final Words

Whether you believe it or not, planning ahead of time helps work around Murphy’s Law.

You never know when it can happen. So whenever possible, planning is your best bet at all costs.

These examples are part of a long list, and they can certainly take place at any time. If you’ve been through this situation before, hopefully, you have a better understanding of how to work around them.

Your turn: How do you work around Murphy’s Law?

I would like to get your thoughts on this topic. Are you unaware of what to do when Murphy’s Law strikes?

Have you ever been in a situation before? If so, how did you handle them? Did you react negatively, or did you take a proactive approach to it?

What will you do when planning out these unexpected situations? Are you confident you can tackle them once Murphy’s Law takes place?

Feel free to share your comments by leaving a comment below. I look forward to reading your responses, and I’ll gladly respond promptly.

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2 thoughts on “What To Do When Murphy’s Law Strikes? 3 Common Examples”

  1. My mother-in-law is notorious for blaming Murphy’s Law on things. Something goes wrong…”Ugh, Murphy’s Law”, Plans change “Murphy’s Law”….so.

    I believe in the concept; however, I think everything happens for a reason. Is it fun…not all the time, but it can help refocus our priorities.

    It also can help us see where we are wasting time or not spending quality time with our loved ones.

    • Hi Kelly,

      There are people out there who will use Murphy’s Law as an excuse. I see why your mother-in-law would do the same thing.

      Although not scientifically proven, things can happen for a reason. So it’s a mixup- it could be or maybe not, but we never really know.

      You make a great point about how it can be used to manage our time. It’s a good way to evaluate how we use our time, and if we need to make some adjustments.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts- they’re greatly appreciated.


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