Should You Drop Out Of College And Start A Business?

Should I consider privacy issues while vlogging? Privacy is a big deal when it comes to recording videos.

So should I drop out of college and start a business, you might be asking yourself? I’ve seen how this decision can impact the trajectory of one’s career.  Starting a business is a complex decision with many factors to consider, including personal circumstances, business ideas, and level of preparedness.  It can be rewarding, but it … Read more

How Can I Start A Business When I’m Not Sure What To Do?

How can I start a business when I'm not sure what to do? This post will go over where to get started in the direction of building a successful business.

Have you ever asked, “How can I start a business when I’m not sure what to do?” If so, you’re not alone.  Starting a business, especially online, can seem daunting when you’re not certain about your next steps. But don’t worry, this guide is here to help you navigate this journey! In this article, I’m … Read more

How Do I Create My Value Among People? The Best Currency

How do I create my value among people? This post will go over why value is the best currency in the world today.

In an age characterized by the rapid exchange of information and global interaction, it is often asked- How do I create my value among people?  It doesn’t lie in the traditional monetary sense but in a more intrinsic, personal concept: The value that you bring to the table, your personal worth, and how effectively you … Read more

Can You Use The Same Domain For An Email And Website?

Can you use the same domain for an email and a website? This post will go over the steps to setting up a domain-specific email.

In this era of digital business, a professional image is paramount, and having a domain-specific email account can be a game-changer. So can you use the same domain for an email and a website?  The answer is a resounding yes, and doing so presents numerous benefits for your business. Today, we’ll guide you through the … Read more

What Happens When Nobody Can Afford To Live? Dept To Poor

What happens when nobody can afford to live? This post will go over some reasons why people struggle with living in general.

I don’t like seeing people struggle to make ends meet, but unfortunately, that’s part of the reality going on in today’s world. So what happens when nobody can afford to live? In that case, people have to rely on family or friends for financial support. Or even worse, seek government assistance if unemployed. Most people … Read more