Why Do Humans Want To Create? Unleashing The Human Spirit

Why do humans want to create? This post will go over some reasons why people are meant to be creative.

Human creativity – it’s a phenomenon. It defines the very essence of our species, so why do humans want to create? Humans want to create because it is a fundamental aspect of our identity with our evolutionary, psychological, social, cognitive, and emotional needs.  Through creativity, we solve problems, express ourselves, connect with others, innovate, and …

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How To Develop The Right Business Mindset: F–K Recession

How to develop the right business mindset: This post will discuss some tips to having the mindset for business.

Building a business during good and bad times can be challenging. Especially during difficult times, it’s best to learn how to develop the right business mindset. Building the right business mindset starts with putting yourself in a positive environment. Along with that, you’re able to focus on what you can control- instead of what takes …

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