Limitations Of A Job & To-Do Lists (August 20-26, 2023)

This week’s recap explores the complexities of traditional employment and its restrictions, along with the perpetual argument of using to-do lists versus schedules. Let’s dive in! The Allure and Limitations of Traditional Employment From the moment many of us step into the professional realm, the allure of traditional employment beckons. It promises stability with regular …

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Navigating Career Choices & Digital Identities (Recap: August 13-19, 2023)

In this week’s recap at, we’re diving deep into two pivotal topics that resonate with many of our readers: the challenges of traditional career paths and the intricacies of establishing a digital identity. Let’s delve into the insights we’ve gathered. The Corporate Ladder: A Steep Ascent? The corporate world, with its allure of success, …

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Can Tracking Your Time Change Your Life? 5 Methods To Track

Can tracking your time change your life? This post will go over some methods to tracking your life wisely.

Can tracking your time change your life? It might be ambitious, but the transformative power of effective time management should not be underestimated. Yes, tracking your time can indeed change your life. Taking control of your hours and minutes can boost your productivity, reduce stress, and ultimately increase your overall happiness. In an era where …

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