Why Is The Beginning Always The Hardest? How To Just “Do It”

Starting something brand new has always felt daunting for me, in any endeavor I encounter. So why is the beginning always the hardest?

The answer is simple yet multifaceted: It mainly lies in the psychological barriers we build within ourselves, which can make the first step seem like a leap across a chasm. 

Getting started can be overwhelming, with its potent mix of uncertainty, choice paralysis, and perceived difficulty. 

Often, the mere thought of initiating a new task, hobby, project, or career path can cause us to freeze up. 

Yet, it’s essential to remember that every accomplishment begins with deciding to try.

Let’s delve into why starting is so challenging and how we can overcome these hurdles.

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  1. Fear Of The Unknown: The Unseen Monster
  2. Paralysis of Choice: The Dilemma Of Plenty
  3. Perception Of Difficulty And Effort: The Mental Mountain
  4. Breaking Free: The Power Of Starting
  5. The Leap Into Entrepreneurship: Starting Your Online Business
Why is the beginning always the hardest? This post will go over some reasons why starting something new can be hard.

Why is the beginning always the hardest?

It involves stepping into the unknown while facing uncertainty and risks. This initial step also requires us to overcome the paralysis of choice and our own perceptions of difficulty, making it seem daunting, especially when starting a new skill or business.

Why is the beginning always the hardest? This graph lays out four key factors to starting something new.

Fear of the unknown: The unseen monster

Our human instinct craves certainty and shuns risk. This inherent trait can become a significant barrier when we face a task that pulls us out of our comfort zone. 

Consider a mid-career professional contemplating a drastic career change. 

The uncertainty around success in the new field, coupled with fears of losing the comfort and security of their current job, can be paralyzing. 

This fear of the unknown looms like an unseen monster, casting a daunting shadow over their aspirations.

Fear of failure

The second facet of this fear is the fear of failure. 

Starting anything new comes with the risk of not meeting expectations or goals, and the thought of falling short can be intimidating. 

Take an aspiring author, for instance. The trepidation of their book being rejected or not being able to complete it can cause them to hesitate, delaying their dreams indefinitely.

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Paralysis of choice: The dilemma of plenty

In today’s world, an abundance of options can lead to decision fatigue and paralysis, often preventing us from starting. 

With countless possibilities at our fingertips, making a choice can be overwhelming. 

Picture someone considering starting a blog. With a myriad of blogging platforms, niches, and strategies to choose from, they might find themselves in a state of inertia, unable to take the first step.

Regret and second-guessing compound this paralysis. When presented with numerous options, we worry about choosing incorrectly and regretting it later. 

This fear of regret can lead to procrastination and indecision. 

For example, a student choosing their major might feel paralyzed, fearful of regretting their choice later when it shapes their career.

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Perception of difficulty and effort: The mental mountain

Often, we overestimate the effort involved in starting something new, making tasks seem more daunting than they are. 

Someone aiming to get fit might magnify the amount of exercise they need to do to see results. 

This misperception creates a mental mountain that appears too steep to climb, discouraging them from starting.

Moreover, the perceived gap between one’s current skills and the skills they believe are required for the new task can heighten this perception of difficulty. 

This ‘skill gap anxiety’ can lead to a lack of confidence, further delaying the start. Consider someone thinking about starting a business. 

Their perceived lack of skills and knowledge about entrepreneurship can make the task seem insurmountable, preventing them from taking the first step.

Why is it hard to start something new?

Starting something new, like learning a new skill, can be difficult due to the initial discomfort of moving out of our comfort zones and the fear of failure. 

There’s a potential learning curve between current abilities and the new skill requirements that can make the task seem daunting and challenging.

Breaking free: The power of starting

The fears of the unknown, paralysis of choice, and perceived difficulty are substantial hurdles to starting. 

But understanding these barriers is the first step towards overcoming them. 

When we recognize these fears and perceptions for what they are – mere mental constructs – we empower ourselves to break free.

Getting started is more than just taking the first step. It’s about overcoming our fears, making decisions despite uncertainties, and challenging our misperceptions. 

When we start, we set ourselves on a path of growth, learning, and constantly improving ourselves as individuals.

The leap into entrepreneurship: Starting your online business

For instance, consider starting an online business. This endeavor can seem daunting, considering the challenges we’ve just discussed. 

However, there’s a way to make this leap less intimidating and more manageable.

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The platform provides an extensive range of resources, including step-by-step training, a supportive community, and tools to build your online presence.

By leveraging Wealthy Affiliate, you can reduce the fear of the unknown by gaining knowledge and skills crucial for online entrepreneurship. 

It can alleviate the paralysis of choice by providing a clear, guided path to follow. 

As for the perceived difficulty, Wealthy Affiliate’s easy-to-use tools and supportive community make the process more accessible and less overwhelming.

Final Words

In conclusion, while starting is often the hardest part, it is also the most crucial. 

So whether it’s writing a book, embarking on a fitness journey, choosing a career path, or starting an online business, remember this – every journey begins with a single step. 

Don’t let the initial hurdles stop you from realizing your dream of owning an online business. 

Overcome the inertia and take your first step with Wealthy Affiliate. Remember, the hardest part of any journey is deciding to start. 

Once you take that first step, you’ll find that the path forward is easier than you thought.

Visit Wealthy Affiliate today and start your journey toward online entrepreneurship.

Your Turn: Is getting started the hardest part for you?

I want to get your thoughts on this topic. Can you relate to it being difficult to move forward on a new venture?

Do you recall a time when you were paralyzed by too many choices? How did you eventually make a decision?

Are you considering starting an online business? What are some of your fears or concerns?

Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. I look forward to reading your responses, and I’ll gladly respond promptly.

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