Is Writing A Blog Page Hard To Learn For Beginners? No Way!

A lot of people stress too much about writing a blog page or post. They tend to overcomplicate things, thinking they need to be a professional writer. So is writing a blog page hard to learn for beginners?

Put it this way, there’s no need to be a “writer”,  as writing a blog page for your website is not difficult. 

You want to be yourself and simply communicate with your audience. Similar to helping a family member or friend, you want to place an emphasis on helping others.

That’s a core principle of doing business with others, which builds authenticity and trust with your potential audience. That will lead to long-term success for your online business.

In this post, I’m going to lay out a few points for writing an “About” page for a blog or niche website. We’ll do the same thing when it comes to adding a “Privacy Policy” page.

These are easy steps that anyone can do when starting a new blog.

Also, I will discuss how to do it through a platform called SiteContent, a writing tool that’s part of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s part of one of the lessons in their core training programs.

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  1. The Simplicity Of Writing An “About” Page
  2. Utilize SiteContent For Your “About” Page
  3. How To Write A Basic “About” Page
  4. Publish Your “About Me” Page
  5. Add A “Privacy Policy” Page
Is writing a blog page hard to learn for beginners? This post will go over how to write an "about" page for a website.

The simplicity of writing an “About” page

Writing an “About” page is not as difficult as you might think. As a matter of fact, it’s much easier if you keep it simple and be yourself.

If you be yourself and write naturally, that will lead to more authenticity and trust with your audience. 

If you stick to being original and honest, that will come a long way to building an online business.

To get the full breakdown, be sure to check out my extensive review of Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to learn more and are interested in this platform, read “Is Wealthy Affiliate A Good Program? Wealthy Affiliate Review” to get all of the details. This review is well worth your time as you make your best decision.

Utilize SiteContent for your “About” page

Within the Wealthy Affiliate platform, there’s a writing tool known as SiteContent. 

It’s a simple approach to writing content that can identify spelling/grammar errors, check for duplicate content, and automatically publish your posts on WordPress.

There’s nothing fancy or anything like that with SiteContent, as it’s designed for someone who wants to write an article and then publish it through WordPress.

Is writing a blog page hard to learn for beginners? This is SiteContent, the writing platform at Wealthy Affiliate

How to write a basic “About” page

Through SiteContent, you can easily write an “About” page in no time. There are a few things you want to keep in mind that will make writing much easier.

Is writing a blog page hard to learn for beginners?

Writing a blog is not as difficult as most people think. 

If you be yourself and understand how to communicate with your audience, you’ll see writing as nothing more than having a conversation with a friend or family member.

Similar to helping someone you know, you want to emphasize helping others get what they want. If you can do that, that will lead to more authenticity, trust, and engagement with your target audience.

Is writing a blog page hard to learn for beginners? Here's a graph laying out the steps to writing an "about" page.

Adding a title

You want to pick a title that’s appropriate for your website. There are a couple of options you can choose from, including the following:

  • About Me
  • About Name (i.e. About Eric)
  • About Website (i.e. About Camera Psycho)
  • About Us

It’s best to go with “About Me”, as that feels more authentic and real. It’s the most direct where you can be there for your visitors if they want to reach out to you at any time.

Be yourself

When writing out your “About Me” page, it’s best to write it in a first-person perspective. If you write it that way, it adds a personal touch to who you are as the owner of the website.

When writing your first few paragraphs, talk a little about yourself and the niche you’re interested in.

For example, you could tell a brief story of what you liked about a certain subject growing up. 

If I did a website on baseball gloves, I could talk about my love for baseball and the process of how the game worked.

Something along that line where a personal story can come in helps a lot. Storytelling on an “About Me” page tells visitors that you care about the subject you talk about on the website.

Is writing a blog page hard to learn for beginners? This section is all about telling who you are.

Express your desire to help people

The next section of your “About Me” page should go over why you want to help people. 

As I’ve mentioned before, the purpose of doing business with others is to help people solve their problems. 

If you’re willing to provide solutions to people’s problems, you’re already one step ahead in the “helping” stage.

When looking at your niche, think of the concept of, “I want to help people do that, or solve this type of problem.”

That’s what should be the focal point of the help section of your “About Me” page.

Is writing a blog page hard to learn for beginners? It's good to explain why you want to help others.

A relevant article from

Read next on “Why Providing Value Is Important: 3 Reasons For Business“, to learn why giving value always wins out regardless of the type of business you’re in.

Stating the goal of your website

The last section of your “About Me” page should discuss the overall purpose of your website. That could be something personal, or professional as well.

In the case of a niche website on baseball gloves, you could explain why you want to help baseball players find the best gloves for their needs.

If the target audience is parents who have children playing little league baseball, the aim could be to help solve common problems that they encounter.

Also, it can help set some expectations for visitors when they review the content on your website. They’ll have a clear understanding of what you have to provide for them.

Is writing a blog page hard to learn for beginners? It's good to explain the goal of your website.

Publishing your “About Me” page

When it comes to publishing your “About Me” page, there are only a few steps you need to take.

Before your click “Publish”, you’ll get a pop-up that will allow you to choose how you want to publish the content. The four steps are as followed:

Pick the website you want to “Publish” it to. 

If you have more than one website through WA, make sure to select the right one.

Choose a “Post”, NOT a “Page”

Picking a post is better because that’s where comments are permitted. 

The ability for users to provide comments can help boost engagement, and it also helps with search engine optimization as well.

Every article you write will be selected as a “Post”, so that’s one thing to make note of.

Is writing a blog page hard to learn for beginners? There are differences between a post and a page.

Choose the user

If you have a new website, you’ll likely have one admin user. In that case, choose that one as your primary user.

Choose the URL plug

Leave “as is”. There’s no need to change the URL plug, so that’s something that can be left alone.

After going through these steps, you’re ready to click “Publish”. SiteContent will then run a duplicate content check, and it’ll be published on your website.

Is writing a blog page hard to learn for beginners? Make sure to choose a website before publishing a post or page.

Adding a “Privacy Policy” page

For legal purposes, every website is required to have a “Privacy Policy” page. 

Without one, search engines such as Google may penalize you or not index any posts you have published on your website.

Also, any advertising company or businesses that offer affiliate programs may not allow you to promote their products without a “Privacy Policy” page in place.

With that, a standardized document that states those guidelines is sufficient enough. 

In SiteContent, there’s a “Privacy Policy” template already written out that you can copy and paste into a page to add to your website.

Is writing a blog page hard to learn for beginners? A privacy policy page is necessary for your website.

Before you publish the page, you will need to make a few edits to make it look accurate. 

There are several instances where you’ll need to change the formatting. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Change {}  > Your Website URL
  • Change {EMAIL ADDRESS} > Your Email Address

*It could be any email that you want, such as a Gmail account

  • Change {YOUR FIRST NAME} > Your Name

Once you’ve made these formatting changes, you’re ready to publish the page on your website. 

That’ll help when it comes to indexing your posts, and hopefully, they will rank on Google.

Final Words

Writing an “About” page is not as complicated as people think. Especially when it comes to writing your first article, it’s best to keep it simple and straightforward.

With the outline and steps provided via SiteContent, you can write a stellar “About” page in under an hour. 

When I got my start with my first website, it wasn’t that difficult when I went through this step-by-step process. 

It’s best to write naturally and be yourself- that’s all. Be honest and thorough with what you want on your “About” page.

If you’re interested in watching this lesson on how to write one properly, feel free to watch the video provided below.

I think you’ll greatly appreciate what is provided in this lesson, as it goes back to the core basics of building a niche website.

Watching this lesson requires you to upgrade to at least a Wealthy Affiliate premium membership.

If you’re not ready, I strongly recommend you set up a free starter account (FSA) and go through the first level of the OEC course. 

If you’ve already upgraded, log into your account and proceed from there.

Your Turn: Do you find writing a blog page difficult for beginners?

I would like to get your thoughts on this subject. Do you find writing to be a daunting task to get rolling?

What’s one thing that scares you when it comes to writing? If you’re confident, what helps you to write naturally in your own words?

Do you find these steps to publishing your initial content simple to follow? Is there anything that can be improved in the lesson?

Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. I look forward to reading your thoughts, and I’ll gladly respond promptly.

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  1. I would agree that the “About Me” page is a great place to start learning how to write a post for your website. It is important to write in a style that feels natural to you. 

    However, it is important to spell and grammar check all of your writing. Sometimes when we write as we are thinking, it does not come out grammatically correct and can appear unprofessional. 

    Writing is fun and the more you do, the better you will be. Great post. Brian

    • Hi Brian,

      Writing naturally is how we should write in any format. I think of it as having a casual conversation with someone at a coffee shop.

      It may be challenging at first. But the more we practice, the better we’ll get at it over time. 

      So you’re spot on about that. It’s something we need to keep in mind.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts- they’re greatly appreciated.


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