Should I Follow My Dreams Or Be Realistic? Do What’s Best

Often, online users ask questions like, “Should I follow my dreams or be realistic? ” It may sound complex, but it’s actually quite simple.

In my opinion, following your dreams should be your number one priority in life. Even if they’re not realistic now, it’s possible they become a reality with the right mindset.

A lot of people don’t follow their dreams, which is unfortunate. I’ll go over a little situation I encountered a while back, and why it’s important to follow your dreams no matter what.

  1. Someone Who May Not Be Following Their Dreams
  2. You Can Follow Your Dreams And Still Remain Realistic
  3. My Thoughts
  4. Some Questions To Consider

Should I follow my dreams or be realistic?

It’s in the best interests of an individual to follow their dreams-even if it’s not realistic now. Someday, those dreams can become a reality with time and effort put into what they do.

Should I Follow My Dreams Or Be Realistic? Do What’s Best

Someone who may not be following their dreams

I had a coworker a while back who is great to be around. She was one of the most positive, outgoing individuals at work, so she had the right attitude.

She got promoted quickly into a leadership role, which I’m not surprised about. She definitely is the right fit to be in a leadership position, as she is a role model for my coworkers and me.

Is it worth following your dreams?

Yes, as it can help you identify who you are and be a true version of yourself. By not living up to your potential, it’s possible you may regret not following your dreams later on.

But, I found out that she had some side hustle going on earlier in the past. She started a YouTube channel several years ago and made some videos.

There aren’t a whole lot of videos on the channel, but it’s been a while since she’s used it. I’ve always wanted to ask her what her intentions were for it. 

Did she want to make money with it? Or was it something she wanted to do in her free time as a hobby?

Either way, I think she could take that channel in multiple directions. Even better, make a full-time income stream if she took the right steps forward.

Who knows what may be possible? But one thing I know for sure is she could have used that as an avenue to follow her dreams.

All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

Walt Disney (Founder of Walt Disney Company)

You can follow your dreams and still remain realistic

This story may be a short example, but something I think about from time to time. While my coworker deserves to be in the position right now, I think she could go down a better route.

If that means starting a little business, that should be the primary goal. It may not make you money now, but it’s possible it can down the road.

Anything new you start can be challenging (and even overwhelming at times). It may also trigger us being doubtful about ourselves, and whether we should quit or keep going.

But in the end, it’s worth giving a try. With the right mindset and putting effort into it, anything is possible. Your dreams can end up becoming a reality in the future.

My thoughts

As I reflect on my coworker’s success, there’s a part of me wanting to tell her to build that YouTube channel. Especially with YouTube, anything is possible. 

Who knows, I could be wrong about that situation. But it’s a good reminder to not settle for something less (i.e. working a mediocre job for someone else).

Either way, follow your dreams if you have a deep passion for them. If you want to make things happen the right way, get started today.

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Some questions to consider

  • Are your dreams realistic today or not?
  • Is there something you’re passionate about doing in life?
  • What’s holding you back from your true potential?
  • What can you do starting today to accomplish your dreams?

Final Words

Follow your dreams, but keep in mind that it will take time and effort to make them happen. Without a clear path on how to do it, going after your dreams is pointless.

If you want something better in life, you have to put in the work. That’s what makes dreams become a reality, and where the best comes out of us as individuals.

Your Turn: Do you believe your dreams are realistic?

I would like to get your thoughts on this question. Are you someone who follows their dreams with purpose?

Have you struggled to achieve your dreams? Do you think they’re realistic or not? What’s one thing that is holding you back from accomplishing them?

Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. I look forward to reading your thoughts, and I’ll gladly respond promptly.

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2 thoughts on “Should I Follow My Dreams Or Be Realistic? Do What’s Best”

  1. I love this article about whether we should follow our dreams or not. I was lucky enough to be a chef for 30 years before I had to give up, but being a chef allowed me to be able to travel to some different countries. 

    Also, I have always told my 3 children to follow their dreams and not settle because we only get one chance at this thing called life.

    So, for me yes, we should follow our dreams if it is at all possible.


    • Hi Kevin,

      Your story is a reminder of what we’re meant to do in life. You being a chef for that long is great, while being able to travel at the same time.

      I agree with what you told your children, as they should be following their dreams. As you mentioned, we only get one shot at living life.

      With that, it’s well worth living your dreams no matter what. Why not make the most out of it while we’re here?

      Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts- they’re greatly appreciated.


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