Should I Use My Real Name In A Blog? A Blogger’s Dilemma

Many new bloggers wonder if they should use their real names on their blogs. So should I use my real name in a blog?

As someone who has been blogging for some time, I understand that this decision can have an impact on how readers perceive the blogger.

It depends on your personal comfort with sharing your identity and the nature of your blog.

If you’re comfortable with being publicly associated with your blog and believe that it can enhance your connection with your audience, using your real name can be beneficial.

In this post, I’ll go over whether that helps to establish credibility as a blogger. I’ll review this based on one of the lessons within the core training offered at Wealthy Affiliate.

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  1. Unpacking The Concept Of Trust In Blogging
  2. To Reveal Or Not To Reveal: The Real Name Vs. Pen Name Dilemma
  3. Practical Guide: Setting Up Your Blogging Identity in WordPress
  4. Managing Your Blog With Your New User
Should I use my real name in a blog? This post will over whether to use a real name or a pen name on a blog.

Should I Use My Real Name On A Blog?

Whether someone should use their real name on a blog depends on individual preferences, the nature of the content, and privacy considerations. Using a real name can enhance credibility and personal connection, while a pseudonym may provide more privacy and creative freedom.

Unpacking The Concept of Trust in Blogging

Understand “Trust Factors”

In the world of blogging, “trust factors” play a crucial role. These are elements that help build credibility and trust with your audience.

They can range from the quality of your content to the transparency of your blogging identity.

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The Human Connection

Knowing who’s behind the content they’re consuming can make a huge difference for your audience. It makes your content more relatable and trustworthy.

For instance, Neil Patel, a renowned digital marketer, uses his real name on his blog, which has helped him build a strong personal brand.

Should I use my real name in a blog? Commenting as a real user helps build trust.

To Reveal or Not to Reveal: The Real Name vs. Pen Name Dilemma

Using Your Real Name

Using your real name on your blog can make your content feel more personal and authentic. It can help you build a personal brand and establish a deeper connection with your audience.

However, it also means that your online activities can be easily traced back to you, which might be a concern if you value your privacy.

Opting for a Pen Name

A pen name, on the other hand, can provide a level of anonymity. This can be particularly useful if your blog covers sensitive topics or if you simply value your privacy.

However, it might be harder to build a personal connection with your audience.

Should I use my real name in a blog? There's a difference between admin and a real user in WordPress.

Practical Guide: Setting Up Your Blogging Identity in WordPress

Creating A New User

Whether you decide to use your real name or a pen name, you’ll need to create a new user in WordPress. This user will be the author of your content moving forward.

Updating Author Information

Once you’ve created your new user, you’ll need to update the author information for all your posts and pages.

This ensures that all your content is associated with the correct author. Here’s a guide on how to update author information in WordPress.

Should I use my real name in a blog? This section goes over changing author names through WordPress.

Managing Your Blog with Your New User

Logging In and Out

From now on, you should always log in to your WordPress website with your new user. This ensures that all new content you create is associated with the correct author.

Long-term Benefits

Consistently using your new user for content management can help build trust with your audience over time. It also makes your blog look more professional and organized.

A relevant article from

Read next on “How Long Does It Take To Set Up A WordPress Website?” to learn the simple process of building a website through WordPress.

Final Words

In conclusion, whether you should use your real name on a blog depends on various factors, including your comfort with sharing your identity and the nature of your blog.

Regardless of the choice you make, remember that building trust with your audience should be your top priority. That will certainly go a long way.

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Your Turn: Will you use your real name on your blog?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Here are a few questions to get the conversation started:

  • Do you use your real name or a pen name on your blog? Why?
  • What factors influenced your decision?
  • If you had to start over, would you make the same choice?

Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. I look forward to reading your responses, and I’ll gladly respond promptly.

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2 thoughts on “Should I Use My Real Name In A Blog? A Blogger’s Dilemma”

  1. As someone who has delved into the world of blogging, I can wholeheartedly relate to the dilemmas discussed in this article. 

    The decision of whether to use a real name or a pen name in blogging is a pivotal one that involves careful consideration of individual preferences, content nature, and privacy concerns. 

    Reading through this piece, I found myself wishing I had encountered such a comprehensive breakdown of the pros and cons earlier in my blogging journey. 

    The emphasis on trust factors and human connection resonates deeply with me, as I’ve come to appreciate the significance of authenticity in building a loyal readership. 

    The practical guide on setting up a blogging identity in WordPress is a valuable addition that could have simplified the process for me. 

    It’s clear that the author understands the complexities of this decision, and their insights are immensely helpful for both new and experienced bloggers alike. 

    Kudos to Eric for shedding light on a dilemma that many bloggers grapple with!

    • Hi Ashley,

      It’s definitely a decision that carries a lot of weight and involves multiple factors, as you rightly pointed out.

      I’m glad to hear that the emphasis on trust, human connection, and authenticity resonated with you. Building a loyal readership is indeed closely tied to these elements.

      I’m sorry to hear that the guide on setting up a blogging identity in WordPress would have been helpful earlier in your journey, but I’m glad you found it valuable nonetheless.

      Thank you so much for your kind words and for acknowledging the complexities of this decision. 

      It’s always my goal to provide insights that are helpful to both new and experienced bloggers, so I’m glad to hear that this article achieved that for you.

      Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences. It’s always incredibly rewarding to hear from fellow bloggers who can relate to the dilemmas discussed. 

      Keep up the great work on your blog, and here’s to continued success ahead!


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