Why Doesn’t Everyone Start A Business? 5 Mediocre Reasons

Why doesn't everyone start a business? This article will go over some reasons why some people won't start a business.

What do you think holds you back from creating something worthwhile? Are you scared of starting your own business? More importantly, why doesn’t everyone start a business? Most likely, it’s because people are afraid of failure and doubt their abilities. That fear of failure and self-doubt can make it difficult to go out on your …

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Why Is Failure A Form Of Learning? 3 Reasons It Helps Us

Why is failure a form of learning? This post goes over some reasons why failure can be viewed as a learning experience.

Thomas Edison, Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, and J.K. Rowling- what do all of these individuals have in common? All of them experienced failure at some point in their lives. Lately, I’ve asked why is failure a form of learning. Well, failure teaches us what went wrong with the mistakes we made. Along with that, we …

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