Why Do I Never Get What I Want In Life? Weekly Reflection

Several years back, I used to be one of those people who complained to myself. Or I would ask- why do I never get what I want in life?

Well here’s the truth: it’s simply the fact that you have not earned it (yet), or that you still need to develop and grow as an individual.

You see, life is about working toward getting the things that you want.

Nothing will ever be handed to you in life unless you make effort at it. Also, there are other things such as internal and external factors that you got to keep in mind. 

In this post, I will discuss why you cannot get what you want in life. Also, I will talk about how to respond when you don’t get what you want.

  1. How Do I Respond When I Don’t Get What I Want?
  1. You’re Not Ready
  2. You Need To Learn More
  3. Change Your Attitude
  4. The Big Question To Ask Yourself
  5. Questions To Ask Yourself
Why do I never get what I want in life? This post will go over some reasons why you're not where you're at right now.

Why do I never get what I want in life?

Here’s the truth: You simply are not ready or have not earned it. Along with that, there are external things you have no control over as well. For example, getting a promotion at work is something that your employer will ultimately make a decision about.

So the best thing to do is to keep doing what you want to get and don’t give up on it too soon. If that’s to learn or sharpen up a particular skill, continue on that path.

Why Do I Never Get What I Want In Life? It’s All On You- Do What You Do Best

How do I respond when I don’t get what I want?

There are two things to keep in mind when responding, and include the following:

Talk to someone about it

I do find that it’s best to talk to someone about your concerns especially when they can relate to your situation that can really help out a lot.

Two examples

Not too long ago, I had a conversation with my supervisor about some disappointments I have in my current job. I won’t go into too much detail, l but he was able to relate to what I’ve been going through.

His understanding of my concerns helped change my thoughts. It makes a difference in how I need to work on achieving my goals. 

Another one is the business that I’m currently working on right now. With the website and the YouTube channel, I may not be where I want to be right now. 

But I still need to know to keep going and stay consistent with what I’m doing. So yes, there have been times when I’ve been frustrated with business growth.

But I do understand that I still have a long way to go to get the ultimate outcome that I want.

Keep going and do what you do best

When you’re at a point where you haven’t got what you want, the best thing to do is to keep going. Whatever you’re doing right now, keep doing what you do best and put all your efforts into it.

The worst thing you do is to completely give up. When you give up, that is the ultimate failure to pursue anything in life.

That is something that I continue to tell myself: to not give up on what I want in life. Especially when it comes to growing a business, it’s worth it to keep going at it.

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Reasons why you’re not able to get what you want

You’re not ready

You simply may not be ready for what you want. Fortunately, that will come someday- maybe or maybe not. But that all depends on how time goes.

As a matter of fact, not getting it now may be the best thing for you. Although you may believe the timing for what you want is right now, now may not be the time.

So think of it this way: What if it’s a blessing in disguise? Where you’re at in life is not where you want to be, but it’s happening for a good reason. 

Maybe something much better will come later on down the road. You never know what could happen later on, whether that’s a year from now or two years, or five years.

You need to learn more

Whether that’s getting a promotion or you want to earn a specific revenue amount in your business, you need to strengthen your skill set. Maybe you’re not quite where you’re at with your skills

So sharpening or learning new skills can help you get to the next level in your career. As I mentioned earlier if it’s to get promoted or grow your business, that’s very often the case.

What to do if we don’t get what we want?

When we don’t get what we want, there’s nothing wrong with talking to someone about it. It helps to get a perspective from someone else- based on the outcome you desire to happen.

If that person can relate to your situation, that helps with expressing empathy for your situation. If they were there before, it’s much easier to go through.

Change your attitude

Simply changing your attitude from “I can’t” to “how can I do..?” makes a difference. When you have a shift in your mindset that can help out a lot.

When people say “I can’t do it”, that creates limitations in their minds. But when they go to “how can I do that” then they can start being creative and come up with alternatives to their problems.

Rather than saying “I can’t do it”, ask yourself: “How can I do that?” If you can start shifting that mindset, that’ll help with working on what you really want in life.

The big question to ask yourself

The question that I heard not too long ago and I think it’s something to ponder on is the following:

  • Do you think that everything is happening “to” you?


  • Do you think that everything is happening “for” you?

The key difference to take away from is “to” versus “for”. If you can understand the difference between the two, I think you will have a different outcome on how you look at life in general.

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Questions to ask yourself

  • Do you tell yourself  “I can’t do it” to “How can I do it?”
  • Does everything in life happen “to” you or “for” you?
  • What do you need to learn to get that opportunity you’ve been waiting for?
  • Will you keep doing what you doing best?

Final Words

Getting what you want in life does not come easy. You got to remember that nothing is simply handed to you

Whatever you want to get in life you have to work for and earn it that’s something that I’ve learned early on and it is a foundation of living life

So thinking about those questions listed earlier can help you think more about what you want in life. Along with that, you could think of them more in a positive manner. 

No matter what, keep going and do what you do best. Never give up as that can be the worst thing that you can do to sabotage your dreams.

Your turn: Do you believe you can get what you want?

I would like to get your thoughts on this topic. Are you finding it hard to not get what you want in life?

Are you someone who believes life happens to you? Do you think that some people get lucky with what they get in life, or is it just a pure coincidence?

Will you keep doing the things that will help get to your ultimate outcome in life? Whether personally or if that’s in business, will you keep going no matter what?

Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below I look forward to reading your responses and I’ll gladly respond promptly.

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