Why Am I So Tired In The Morning? 5 Causes & Solutions

How often do you feel tired after you wake up? Occasionally, some people feel slightly groggy in the morning. Some people are faced with this dilemma every single day if they work a regular job. You may ask yourself, “Why am I so tired in the morning?” Have you ever thought about that?


Feeling tired: Every once in a while? Or more often than not?

It can happen every now and then when you’re not fully awake in the morning. However, a regular pattern of fatigue can present problems.

Such problems include difficulty sleeping, anxiety and depression, and being unable to make sound judgments. There are so many things that can go wrong.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of ways to understand how sleeping better is beneficial. As adults need a certain amount of sleep, it’s undoubtedly essential.

I will describe five reasons why we feel more tired than usual in this article. Afterward, I will discuss some best practices that lead to better sleep.

Sleep Inertia

Approximately one hour before you wake up, your body releases hormones such as cortisol in preparation for waking. As a result, one naturally awakens, which is called sleep inertia. It refers to the feeling of being tired (more or less) once you wake up.

When you wake up after a light sleep, you feel refreshed and ready for the day. However, if you tend to wake up only through your alarm clock during deep sleep, you may feel groggy. 

Why am I so tired in the morning? Sleep is very important to overall health, especially for productivity.

You can feel it when you’re experiencing a memorable dream. I’m sure most of us have experienced this feeling just before waking up, and it is very tiresome.

Feeling tired is natural when transitioning between sleep and waking up. On average, it lasts around 15-60 minutes, but it can last longer if your body experiences problems. Perhaps that’s why waking up in the morning feels so difficult.

Adverse effects of sleep inertia

If you feel more tired during your first hours awake, that may signify some problems. It can lead to adverse effects on how you navigate your day ahead; in other words, you end up making poor decisions.

Such adverse effects include:

  • Driving to work (getting into a car accident when you’re more tired)
  • Operating machines (depending on what job you do, you can make mistakes here; also, a decline in overall productivity)
  • Falling asleep at a workstation (closing your eyes, nodding off while staring at a computer screen)

These things can take place as a result of a poor night’s sleep. For some people, it ends up being costly for making mistakes from feeling fatigued.

The blue light emitted from phones, laptops, and TVS can delay the release of sleep-inducing melatonin by up to three hours.

Dr. Vishal Shah, Medical Director at Thriva

Drinking too much caffeine or not drinking not enough water

It’s true that caffeine can help you stay awake, but that only lasts several hours. Drinking it late in the day can result in staying up late at night as well. 

Caffeine can last in your system for at least 6-7 hours. But in some cases, even 7-8 hours depending on if you drink more during the day.

On a typical day, I like to cut off caffeine no later than noon. After that, I’ll switch to water or decaf beverages (Check out the video below)

Feeling dehydrated can lead to fatigue, especially when your body needs water. It’s recommended that men drink on average 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) while women drink 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluid daily. 

Why You’re Always Tired (Youtube: Better Ideas)

Lack of a balanced diet

It’s common to feel tired when you don’t have a proper diet. Especially if you don’t have breakfast in the morning, it can make some people less energetic and motivated to do things during the day. 

Some people may experience common deficiencies such as a lack of iron or vitamin D. Moreover, some things to take on those deficiencies include:

  • Eating iron-rich foods such as spinach and beans (personally, these are my favorites)
  • Magnesium-rich foods such as green vegetables and nuts (in some cases, chocolate is good for you as well)
  • Eating high-antioxidant foods (i.e., blueberries) helps improve your immune system and can help avoid feeling fatigued 

Watching too much TV before lights out

Many people like to watch TV at nighttime. But doing it right before going to bed, it’s not quite the best thing to do.

Although it may be relaxing to do before sleeping, TV or any electronic stimulates the brain. It’s why it makes it so much harder to fall asleep at night.

Why am I so tired in the morning? Watching TV before bed is likely to keep you awake at night.

It’s where the concept of blue light comes in. When staring at a computer screen (where blue light is emitted), it keeps us awake and can result in staying up later.

Dr. Vishal Shah, medical director at Thriva, says, “The blue light emitted from phones, laptops, and TVs can delay the release of sleep-inducing melatonin by up to three hours.” That quote alone gives why it’s even harder to go to bed at a reasonable time. 


I’ll admit that I was guilty of doing that myself early on. Over time, it has gotten better, and I feel a bit more self-aware of it. Some helpful tips include the following:

  • Limit TV/screen time to only 1 hour a night
  • Please do not do it right before bedtime; give yourself some time to get ready for sleep
  • Do other activities to help wind down and feel relieved, including:
  1.  Reading
  2.  Meditating
  3.  Light exercise

Sleeping too much

For some people, too much sleep results from sleeping later than their usual wake-up time. It leads to disrupting the body’s biological clock. (also known as the circadian pacemaker).

This concept explains why going to bed earlier or sleeping later can have a negative effect. Also, it’s why sleeping in on off days or weekends is not always the best idea.

Why am I so tired in the morning? Sleeping too much can cause you to feel more fatigue sometimes.


It may not sound ideal, but going to bed simultaneously each night while waking up helps develop a healthy sleep schedule. Even on the weekends, it’s still a good idea to go to bed and wake up every single day.

Also, getting exposure to natural sunlight can help you feel more alert. Sun exposure helps so much, and it has many health benefits (e.g., higher vitamin D levels, reduced feelings of depression, etc.).

If you’re unable to get natural sunlight, a good alternative would be to use a sunlamp. Especially if you live in a climate where it’s cloudy most days, this option would be suitable in place of natural sunlight. During cloudy days in my town, I use a sunlamp.

Best Tips for Better Sleep

Exercise regularly

Exercising is vital for health and overall well-being. It helps boost energy levels and can help jumpstart your day.

When it comes to feeling refreshed in the morning, getting outdoors early for morning walks is a good idea. Or doing rigorous exercise sometimes after you wake up helps as well.

Why am I so tired in the morning? Exercising regularly helps with better quality sleep.

Set up your bedroom properly

This approach is one that some people don’t think about that much. Ensuring that the bedroom is comfortable and relaxed at night can help prepare for a good night’s sleep.

Especially during the summertime, it’s best to sleep in cooler temperatures when it’s warm and humid outside. The last thing you want is to wake up feeling hot or sweating in bed.

Also, keeping your bedroom dark (or pitch-black) helps prevent any light from coming in as well. Even having opaque window drapes to keep the room darker is a great idea.

Stick to a consistent bedtime schedule

Staying on a regular sleep schedule helps you stay refreshed while feeling less tired each day. As mentioned earlier, weekends should count as well.

Sleeping in on the weekends does not mean you’re catching up on sleep. If you do that, you’ll feel even more tired once Monday morning comes around the corner. It may not be easy, but it’s better for your health overall.

Get outdoors during the day

If possible, try to get outside and get some fresh air. Staying all the time indoors is not suitable for you either.

By going outdoors, it gives you a burst of energy. Especially getting out in the sunshine helps boost vitamin D levels (and is better for your immune system).

Why am I so tired in the morning? Being outdoors resonates with sleeping better as well.

Do more (non-electronic-related) activities

As mentioned earlier, it’s best to spend less time using electronics right before bed. Spending time on electronics can keep you up at night and potentially feel tired the following day.

Other activities you can do include meditating, reading, or even taking a bubble bath. My personal preferences include meditation, deep breathing exercises (which help calm me down), and some reading.

Essentially, perform activities that will make you feel tired and relieve stress before turning off the lights at night.

Final Words

Overall, feeling tired in the morning is a familiar feeling for all of us to have. But having it more often than not can be a problem.

Although this article may be related to health, it ties in with productivity as well. Without proper sleep, personal productivity may dive. 

On the other hand, high-quality sleep can boost productivity. If you feel energetic and stay on top of things, it may result from a great night’s sleep.

So if sleeping an extra 60-90 minutes each night helps, maybe it will make a difference in making you more productive. You’ll also be able to take advantage of your time more effectively. It’s not a bad idea, and something to think about as well.

Your Turn: Do you find yourself tired more often than not?

I want to turn it over to you. Have you felt tired more often lately? Have you taken action on this issue? Do you use any of the tips mentioned above to create change for the better?

Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. I look forward to reading your feedback, and I’ll gladly respond promptly.

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  1. Every type of business is looking for ways to be more efficient and more profitable at the same time. Finding ways to be more productive and utilize an employees time correctly. One of the best methods, I have found over the years, is to plan what your daily goal is. Once, you meet those goals, make more goals that are better refined. It is possible to use groups to overcome problems and have outstanding results.


    • Hi Jerry,

      The key for any business to succeed is seeking ways to be efficient. Every business will have some type of inefficiencies, and that should be closely monitored.

      Planning your daily goals is a good strategy to overcome this challenge. You sure do make a great point on that.

      When it comes to feeling less tired or fatigued, setting those goals can help individuals get more time for sleep. I cannot emphasize how crucial that is, yet some people do not consider it close enough.

      You sure made some great points, especially when it comes to group work.

      Thank you very much for your thoughts- it’s much appreciated.

  2. This article has found me in perfect timing! I have been having trouble sleeping for the past month myself. I am now at a point of frustration… which for sure does not help the mind slow down…LOL

    Now after reading this great article I have the answer I need to start solving my lack there of sleep. Thank you

    • Hi Page,

      You’re not the only one who struggles with sleep. A lot of people that I personally know have trouble sleeping, so it is a problem.

      However, with the tips brought up in this post, it can help you sleep better with ease. It’s not easy, but it’s worth doing it for getting a better night’s sleep. It’s important with your health, and overall productivity in personal and professional life.

      I hope the tips help you get back on track with sleep. You never know what could happen.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts- they’re much appreciated.

  3. Actually, I found this post at the right time. Like you told me, when I wake up in the morning I feel so tired that sometimes I can’t even wake up and walk. 

    Most of the time I wake up at around 10 am. I wondered a lot why this was happening to me. I’m doing a lot of what you said. I do not have time to sleep. 

    I also drink less water, and eat a lot at night. I have to give up all these habits. Do this before you go to bed. 

     You gave me a good night’s sleep today. Thanks so much for this valuable post. I will definitely be sharing it.

    • Hi Pasindu,

      When we don’t get the proper rest needed, we don’t feel as productive and energetic. That becomes a problem, as we tend to get fewer things done than anticipated. I know I’ve been guilty of that in the past.

      It sounds like some of the things you did were not the best choices. However, I can tell you’re moving to make better choices.

      It’s great to know you found a lot of helpful tips in this post. I hope you’ll continue to do better from this point on.

      Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts- they’re greatly appreciated.


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