What Is Your Favorite Business Podcast? My Top 5 Podcasts

I am a big fan of podcasts, especially ones that are related to business and personal development. So you may ask me: What is your favorite business podcast?

Well, it’s hard to say whether there is one podcast that I really enjoy. 

I have several podcasts that I enjoy listening to, so I definitely have more than one.

In this post, I’m going to provide a list of my top five favorite business podcasts. 

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These are podcasts that I enjoy listening to, and that I learn a lot when it comes to running my own business.

  1. Why You Should Listen To Business Podcasts?
  2. Entrepreneurs On Fire
  3. The Mindset Mentor
  4. Rich Dad Radio Show
  5. The Ray Edwards Show
  6. The Jason Stapleton Program
What is your favorite business podcast? This post lists out my top five business podcasts to listen to.

Why you should listen to business podcasts?

I find that listening to business podcasts helps me get a few little tips here and there. 

There’s something that I like about them where I’m getting all these little golden nuggets. 

I would consider it as part of my continuing education, especially if it’s information that I haven’t received in training programs I’ve done before.

They definitely shine a light on what I can do better in my own business. 

Also, I enjoy learning from some of the most successful entrepreneurs who have done well with the tips that they share. 

Some of the podcasts are interview formats. 

That’s good when you want to get different perspectives from people who are doing things in their own business.

Example: YouTube Shorts Lessons

The best part is that I practice the tips that are shared in these podcasts. 

For example, I’ve been doing a lot of YouTube Shorts videos for the last couple of months. 

The things that I’m doing with Shorts came from one of the podcasts I listen to.

This podcast gave me a lot of great tips on how to create short-form video content.

With YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok all competing against each other for short-term video content, I find it to be critical to experiment and try it out.

On my end, I’m focused on doing YouTube Shorts- as I focus more on YouTube this year. 

So that’s one example of how you can benefit from listening to a business podcast.

How podcasts can boost your business growth?

Podcasts can give you even more insights on how to grow and scale your business further. Most business podcasts are hosted by some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world today, with extensive knowledge of how they do business themselves. Even some of the smallest tips provided can help give your business an extra notch.

Top 5 business podcast list

There are five podcasts that I enjoy listening to. 

The following are my top five favorite ones, and I’ll go over a brief description of each one.

Entreprenuers On Fire

This podcast is one that I’ve listened to most recently, and I find it really fascinating as well.

In interview formats, John Lee Dumas, the host, conducts interviews with some of the best people who are in the entrepreneurial space. 

The topics can range from working a four-hour work week, changing business systems, developments in artificial intelligence, (i.e. ChatGPT), and much more.

I find these interviews to be very valuable, with a bunch of little golden nuggets to take away from. 

Although I don’t apply every one of them to my business, I’ve made it a goal to implement some of them to see if it’ll have a positive change on my end.

What is your favorite business podcast? Entrepreneurs On Fire is a very popular podcast that interviews entrepreneurs "on fire".

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The Mindset Mentor

By far, this podcast is my favorite when it comes to mindset and personal development. 

Although it’s not exclusive to business, there are some episodes where business and entrepreneurship are discussed.

Rob Dial, the host of this podcast, is such an incredible individual to listen to. The tips that he shares are just out of the ballpark. 

Especially when it comes to thinking differently about business and life in general, I find it to be mind-blowing. 

As you listen to the episodes, you can tell that Rob is really fascinated with how the human brain works. 

Some of the hacks he discusses can be applied to growing your business. 

So they’re well worth looking into, and why I highly recommend subscribing to his podcast.

What is your favorite business podcast? The Mindset Mentor is one of the best podcasts on mindset.

Rob has a new book that will be coming out in the fall of 2023.  He mostly deals with focus and productivity, so it’s a book worth reading.

Although it’s yet to be released, you can pre-order this book to get the guaranteed price. 

If you’re interested check out the book listing on Amazon.

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The Rich Dad Radio Show (w/Robert Kiyosaki)

This podcast mostly deals with financial education, but there are also episodes related to business. 

Robert Kiyosaki, the host, dives into a lot of topics related to the financial world and also the business space as well.

In interview formats, Robert talks with a lot of guests who are in the financial space. 

But this podcast isn’t just your traditional financial show, it’s a podcast that challenges the status quo when it comes to the financial industry.

What is your favorite business podcast? Rich Dad is a financial education podcast that dives into many topics such as personal finance, investing, and entrepreneurship.

If you’re interested in learning about how money works, and you question the traditional financial system, you will enjoy this podcast a lot.

This podcast is real financial education at its best. So if you’re interested in personal finance, investing, and entrepreneurship, this podcast is a must-listen too.

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Why are podcasts good for entrepreneurs?

Podcasts are basically an extension of an entrepreneur’s education into building a successful business. Along with what they learned, they can get some extra nuggets of information from individuals who have tried specific things in their own businesses.

The Ray Edwards Show

This podcast has been a favorite of mine over the last year. 

Although it is a podcast designed for copywriters of all areas, there’s a lot of business-related stuff discussed. 

Ray Edwards, the host, is by far one of the best copywriting teachers in the world.

Besides giving his best tips on copywriting, he gets a lot of advice on mindset, productivity, and general things about how to improve your business during times of uncertainty.

What is your favorite business podcast? Ray Edwards is by far one of the best copywriting teachers in the world.

Most recently, Ray has been going in the direction of providing personal advice on business. 

Having suffered from Parkinson’s disease, he shares a lot of his struggles and experiences going through it. 

So he’s really had an awakening of how he thinks about life and business in general.

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The Jason Stapleton Program

This podcast has been one I’ve been listening to for nearly a decade now. 

The host, Jason Stapleton, is a successful entrepreneur who shares his tips and experiences about finance and entrepreneurship.

Originally, the podcast focused more on economics, politics, and current events. However, Jason shifted the focus from politics to more entrepreneurial content.

As he explained before, he’s had a greater impact on helping people create freedom by taking the entrepreneurial route.

Whereas before, the show’s focus was more on external factors, such as changing the people who work in governments. 

What is your favorite business podcast? Jason Stapleton is one of my favorite individuals, who brings a unique perspective on personal finance and entrepreneurship.

That shift was an excellent change. It personally changed my mind about how I look at the world. 

I’ve come to believe that politics is not the solution to the problems we face today. 

Instead, we should be more focused on ourselves, such as starting our own business.

That’s what Jason’s podcast is mostly about, so the shift into entrepreneurship has been a positive change. 

I enjoy Jason’s expertise in personal finance and entrepreneurship. He brings unique perspectives on these important topics. 

I would say my viewpoints of the world align with how Jason sees the world in today’s current climate.

In other words, I highly recommend subscribing to his podcast.

It’s well worth listening to. Also, check out his short read on the Nomadic Wealth Formula below.

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Final Words

Out of all the business podcasts out there, these five are my favorite ones that I enjoy listening to. 

Not only has it helped me get a better understanding of how to run a business, but it’s helped change my mind about how I view things in today’s environment.

Whichever business podcast you listen to, I hope that it brings a lot of value and that you’ll learn something new when you listen to the episodes. 

If you listen to any of these five podcasts, you will definitely get value out of them.

Your Turn: Do you listen to business podcasts?

I would like to get your thoughts on this topic. Do you listen to any business podcasts?

Do you have any favorites in mind when it comes to business? 

Have you heard of any of these five podcasts before? 

If so, which one of them is your favorite? Or which one will you start listening to moving forward? 

I look forward to reading your responses, and I’ll gladly respond promptly.

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