What Is The Worst Part About Working? My Top Takeaway

Whether you run a business or work for someone else, you may enjoy the work you do. However, there are likely things you do not enjoy about your job. I think nearly everyone experiences it at some point. Moreover, what is the worst part about working? People get that iffy feeling every now and then. 

I believe no one will completely love every component of work that they do. There is at least one thing that people don’t like in general. 

So I’m going to narrow it down a little further in this post. But I think it’s important to go over reasons that people don’t bring up too often. Also, I like to point out the biggest reason that I may not find work as enjoyable, which I’ll discuss later on.

What are common reasons for not liking work?

There are many reasons that people do not like about working. Some of them include the following:

  • Micromanagement (I cannot stand managers standing behind my back)
  • Work that is boring or mundane (Jobs that involve repetitive tasks)
  • Annoying coworkers (or lack of cooperation with them)
  • Poor work environment (i.e. too hot or too cold temperatures)

I can surely relate to that based on my work experience over the years. I’m not surprised that these are some common reasons why that may be the case.

What is the worst part about working: Not enjoying the work you do is common, and there are a lot of reasons for it to be that way.

What other people told me?

I’ve worked around six different jobs the last several years. Based on what former coworkers have told me in the past, other reasons they don’t enjoy work include:

Lack of appreciation

Some people work hard to make every effort to stand out from the rest; however, they may not get noticed or recognized for all the effort they put in.

Some places I worked at did not recognize employees for their contributions. I can see why that was the case.

One place I worked at for a few years happened to do employee recognition very often. So that’s always good to help improve employee morale and productivity.

Lack of purpose

Some people cannot figure out why they signed up for a job in the first place. Do they enjoy the work they do, or have a passion for it?

Is there potential for career advancement? Asking these questions can help figure out where someone wants to go.

There’s seems to be a general understanding that work needs to go beyond money and paying for necessities. 

Tom Rath, a professional consultant on employee engagement and wellbeing, dives deep into these matters in a book he wrote a few years ago. In his book, Life’s Great Question: Discover How You Contribute, he goes into more details regarding this topic.

It’s definitely a great read worth checking out, and it can change the way you live and work each day.

Life's Great Question: This is a book listing by Tom Rath.
Life’s Great Question (Tom Rath)

Not being paid fairly

This one is far too common in today’s world. Unfortunately, it’s not addressed properly and continues to be an issue for a lot of people.

Some companies do pay their employees fairly, while others do not. Or to say the very least, they’ll stick to at least the minimum wage (depending on the labor laws). It can vary, but it’s an issue in the workplace today.

What I believe is the worst part about working?

To give an honest perspective, the worst part about working is a lack of motivation. When you’re not motivated at work, you kind of feel mushy about the job you have.

I guess we can tie the lack of purpose component as well. I know I worked at one job before where the lack of interest was not there some days. 

What is the worst part about working: A big reason for not liking work can be due to a lack of motivation.

While at this job, I didn’t feel excited, or there were no feelings of moving to the next level. Sometimes, I would ask myself: Why am I here? Does this work excite me at all? What can I do better to improve this current situation?

What else I want to say

When you’re not motivated to work, you feel like you do not want to move forward in the profession you’re in. Why bother moving forward with my career, or wanting to find something better in the long run?

The lack of motivation is one that hits me more than any other reason. When that happens, I feel very unhappy and uninspired to work. 

It was challenging some days, and I hated those feelings of not being inspired. However, I was able to overcome them at times.

Some days were better, and I moved on from there. At the end of the day, you’re doing something at work that means something.

What to do about it?

I could list out a lot of suggestions on how to deal with it. But for this article, I would say find others who can relate to your situation. Have they gone through similar struggles as you’ve been through?

They can be anyone you know, such as your coworkers. Or, you can find a community of individuals who share similar interests you have. 

What is the worst part about working: Oftentimes, being part of a community can be a great way to understand the challenges you may be going through.

I think having that community-based aspect does help when you’re struggling to get through some days. Especially when you don’t enjoy doing a job that’s meaningful, you want to look up to others for help and guidance.

I’m involved in one community that shares the same interests I have. They’ve helped me a lot during some rough days, and they may make my days even better.

Final Words

Overall, that’s what I think about being the worst part of working. The big one is lack of motivation for me; for others, it’ll be the common ones that I listed out earlier.

I think it’s an important topic to address. If we’re not approaching it properly, people will continue to work jobs they don’t find interest in. More so, work that’s meaningful and they enjoy getting to do every day.

What is the worst part about working: This post goes over some of the not so good reasons about working a job.

If you’re someone who’s in that position, and you want to try a different approach, I would love to get in touch with you. There are better alternatives out there where you can do something that you enjoy doing. Also, it could be much better for you down the road.

Feel free to send me an email anytime. Visit the contact page to reach out to my personal email address.

Your Turn: What do you think is the worst part about working?

I would like to know your thoughts on this issue. What’s the one thing you don’t like about the job you have? Are there other reasons you don’t like working in it?

What have you done about it? If not, what will you do now to make changes for the better?

Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. I look forward to reading your responses, and I’ll gladly respond promptly.

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