What Is The First Step To Starting An Online Business?

Some people want to launch their own business, but they’re unsure what is needed the most. Moreover, what is the first step to starting an online business? 

It takes the right mindset to start a business. In other words, do not have an “I need to make money now” mentality. Understand that building a business takes time to see meaningful results.

If you maintain a positive attitude, that will come a long way. In this post, I will review the importance of having the right mindset. Along with that, I will give three tips you’ll need to launch an online business.

  1. What Is Needed The Most?
  2. Commitment
  3. Willingness To Learn
  4. Remain Consistent
  5. Questions To Ask Yourself
What is the first step to starting an online business? This post will review three things needed to launching a business online.

What is needed the most?

You can make a list of things that you’ll need to start an online business. However, that’s not the purpose of this article. 

It mostly has to do with mindset, which I think needs to be discussed more often. Having the right mindset can come a long way. So let’s go over what can help you in the long run.

What is the first step to starting an online business?

The first step has to deal with having the right mindset. In other words, if you make a commitment, be willing to learn new skills, and remain consistent, that’s an excellent starting point. Let’s go over these three points in more detail.


If you want to be successful in your business, sticking to commitments is necessary. At the same time, you don’t want to have any long strings attached.

You want to keep your commitments, but you do not want to make big promises that you can’t keep as well. Some people commit to big promises but may end up falling short.

Make sure you stick to your commitments long enough for your audience to establish trust and authority.

As I mentioned before, my best recommendation is to keep up with growing your business for at least 18-24 months. Although that’s a long time to wait, that’s a reasonable timeframe to see real results for your business.

Even if it’s not a success, you’ll still learn from the experience. What you take from it can help you in the next project you take on, whether that’s a new type of business to grow.

When should you start a business?

You can start a business at any time. In the online world, you can get running in under 30 minutes. From there, you can start building your way in the weeks and months ahead.

Willingness to learn

Let’s be real: If you want to increase your income, you need to keep learning all the time. Whether that’s learning new skills (or sharpening up old ones), it can help you find new ways to keep making money.

I believe every individual needs to stay on the path to acquiring rare and specialized skills. Building upon those skills will make you more valuable in the future.

The skills you learn today can pay off massively tomorrow, next year, and ten years from now. When learning comes first, you’re giving yourself a big “YES” to invest in yourself.

So make sure to prioritize learning. Learn the skills needed to succeed firsthand, then the money-making part will follow later down the road.

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When it comes to online business, some skills you can easily learn include:

These are very high-level skills that anyone can master and earn a sustainable income.

Regarding myself, I invest a lot of time in mastering SEO. I think it’s the key to understanding how to acquire organic traffic to my website.

Along with that, I’m starting to dive into YouTube as well. I’ll be spending time learning to edit videos, and possibly looking into creating YouTube shorts.

Aside from writing articles, I continue to develop my skills in SEO (primarily Google) and YouTube as well. Investing that time and effort can have massive payoffs in the future.

Remain consistent

This one is something I’ve learned through firsthand experience over the past year and a half. You will not get substantial results by not staying consistent. 

For example, if you create content and publish it every week, that’s keeping a consistent pattern going. If you stick with it long enough, it will benefit you and your business. Most likely, your business will keep growing if you practice consistency.

What do I need to know before starting an online business?

The most important piece of advice I can give to you is to remain committed. Along with that, have the willingness to learn and be consistent with the work you do moving forward.

Questions to ask yourself

  • How committed are you to growing your business?
  • Is consistency the key to success?
  • How often can you learn each day? Or on a weekly basis?

Final Words

Starting a business can be an exciting adventure; but at the same time, you need to have the right mindset. 

Without that proper mindset, it’ll be more challenging in the early days of business growth. I believe people are more likely to quit than stick to their commitments.

These three tips can help by taking the right steps forward. The key to ensuring the results are what was intended is to take action.

Your Turn: What do you think is needed the most?

I would like to get your thoughts on this topic. Do you find it difficult to keep your commitments? 

Are you or someone else known for breaking commitments after a short period of time? What can be done differently about it?

What skill(s) can you learn that will earn you sufficient income? How often are you willing to learn to become proficient at these skills?

Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. I look forward to reading your thoughts, and I’ll gladly respond promptly.

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2 thoughts on “What Is The First Step To Starting An Online Business?”

  1. Hi Eric, these are great tips for those looking to start an online business. I definitely agree with you that mindset is key, and the first thing people should look at when building a business. 

    The one thing I wished I was more focused on when starting my own business was being more committed and consistent with my work. It was definitely more important than any new skill that I learned.

    • Hi Kevin,

      I’ve learned over time that mindset consists of everything to succeed in business. Especially when you’re starting out, I can’t emphasize enough how mindset plays a big role in long-term success.

      You’re right about mindset being the first thing to work on- before starting any kind of business. Whether that’s offline or online, it’s something everyone should learn how to do.

      I couldn’t agree with you more on remaining consistent with your work. In fact, I believe success comes from consistency with the work you do. 

      If you can stick to it long enough, you’re going to see incredible results down the road. 

      I encourage you to check out a post I wrote about not too long ago. It’s an enlightening read, so it’s worth looking into.

      Thank you very much for reading and sharing your thoughts- I greatly appreciate what you have to say.


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