What Is The Best Website Builder For Small Businesses?

Choosing a website for your business is not challenging. So what is the best website builder for small businesses?

The best website builder will be simple to use, provide a lot of support, and needs hosting as well. There are other factors to consider, but these are the key ones you need to have when starting out.

In this buying guide, I’m going to review five website builders that are good for anyone looking to grow their business online. I’ll briefly lay out each one, along with providing my top recommendation.

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  1. At A Glance
  2. Shopify
  3. Squarespace
  4. Square Online (Squareup)
  5. BoldGrid
  6. SiteRubix
  7. How To Choose A Website Builder: A Buyer’s Guide
  8. Top Recommendation For A Business
What is the best website builder for small businesses? This buying guide will lay out five different website builders to use for growing a business.
Shopify$24/month (Basic Plan)View Plans
Squarespace$33/month (Business Plan)View Plans
Square Online (Square Up)$29/month (Basic Plan)View Plans
BoldGrid $5/month (Premium Plan)View Plans
SiteRubixFreeView Plan
Prices Accurate As Of December 2022

What is the best website builder for small businesses?

An awesome website builder needs simplicity, support, and hosting to make it work well. Let’s go over these five website builders in more detail.

#1 Shopify

What is the best website builder for small businesses? Shopify is an excellent choice for making eCommerce stores.

Pricing: $24/month (Basic plan)

Hosting: Yes

Multiple Themes: Yes

Mobile-Friendly: Yes

Business Plan For Teams: Yes

Money-Back Guarantee: 14 Days

By far, Shopify is the best choice for making large eCommerce stores. So if you have a dropshipping business, Shopify has all of the tools you need.

As a former user myself, there are a lot of great features that can be utilized to make your online store stand out. If you’re looking for advanced options, Shopify is a winner in the eCommerce category.

# 2 Squarespace

What is the best website builder for small businesses? Squarespace is a great choice for those who are on the creative side.

Pricing: $33/month (Business plan)

Hosting: Yes

Multiple Themes: Yes

Mobile-Friendly: Yes

Business Plan For Teams: No

Money-Back Guarantee: 14 Days

Squarespace is a well-known website builder these days. If you consider yourself creative, you’re in for a treat.

As of 2022, they have a video maker for content creators. It’s great for video marketing, and they provide a lot of creative tools as well. Overall, Squarespace is a solid choice for being on the creative side of things.

# 3 Square Online

What is the best website builder for small businesses? Squareup is another choice for making simple websites.

Pricing: $29/month

Hosting: Limited

Multiple themes: No

Mobile-Friendly: No

Business Plan For Teams: Yes

Money-Back Guarantee: No

Square Online (part of Square payments) is another excellent choice. It’s very simple to use, especially if you want a website for a basic online presence.

As part of Square, their Point of Sale (POS) is really helpful for processing payments. Having a small store makes things much easier in getting started.

# 4 BoldGrid

What is the best website builder for small businesses? BoldGrid is another good choice that integrates with WordPress.

Pricing: $5/month (billed annually)

Hosting: Yes

Multiple Themes: Yes

Mobile-Friendly: Yes

Business Plan For Teams: No

Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Days

BoldGrid is another simple website builder to use. BoldGrid is powered by WordPress, one of the most popular content management platforms. Through WordPress, there’s no coding or technical experience required to build a website.

Along with that, they have their own plugins that you can easily set up through your WordPress dashboard. So it helps to have some plugins that can work well with building a website through BoldGrid. 

# 5 SiteRubix

What is the best website builder for small businesses? SiteRubix is great for community reach and a lot of technical support for your website.

Pricing: Free

Hosting: Yes

Multiple Themes: Yes

Mobile-Friendly: Yes

Business Plan For Teams: No

SiteRubix is not as well known or mainstream as the other website builders; however, this website builder is meant for beginners or those starting their own businesses.

Although it’s a free website builder, there’s a ton of value when you sign up. You’ll be connected to a great community of like-minded individuals, along with technical support as well.

The beginner training lessons are easy to go through, and you can get help at any time. Going from a passion you have while turning it into a successful online business, SiteRubix can be the vehicle to make that happen.

How to choose a website builder: A buyer’s guide

When considering a website builder, there are some things you can keep in mind. I think these factors can help you choose the right one for your business needs.


The website builder should be easy to use for a beginner (no big learning curves). Any features that you use should not be difficult to learn or need further explanations.

Some website builders have too many things that beginners do not need. When starting out, you just need the basics. If you’re someone with no experience in website design, you need something that will help you learn quickly.

Web hosting

Hosting is essential to making your website visible. Without adequate hosting, your website will not be discovered online (i.e. little to no traffic to your website).

Think of hosting as the equivalent of renting space on a physical server: It’s mainly a place to store all of your files and data.

Some website builders don’t provide hosting on their platforms. So why go to third-party services and pay more than you need? It’s something to keep in mind.


There will be times when you have troubleshooting or basic technical problems. That’s where support is needed (a group of tech people who can fix those issues promptly).

For the most part, it’s best to have help whenever possible. Whether via phone, email, or online chat, having these services 24/7 is crucial to getting troubleshooting issues resolved quickly.

The reason I believe 24/7 support helps is that any platform will have customers all around the world. So if it’s in the United States or in Australia, you need support to reach out at any time of the day.

Some services operate on a set schedule, but for the best services possible, 24/7 support is the way to go.

Top recommendation for a business

Overall, my top pick for a website builder is SiteRubix. For the most part, it meets all of the criteria that you need to get a website up and running. 

Not only do I use it personally, but I believe you’ll get the most help and support when you really need it. The basic training and support combined together make it feel less overwhelming when starting out.

The next best option would have to be Shopify. If you want the most advanced features and looking to build out a large store to scale, this one is a winner as well.

All in all, SiteRubix is the best choice to go with building a website.

Your Turn: Which website builder do you prefer?

I would like to get your thoughts on this topic. What do you think of all these website builders?

Is there one that stands out to you the most? Do you think having support as a feature helps out a lot?

What do you like to see in a website builder? Is it simplicity, or knowing that you can help at any time?

Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. I look forward to reading your responses, and I’ll gladly respond promptly.

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2 thoughts on “What Is The Best Website Builder For Small Businesses?”

  1. I have used many website builders over the years. But based on cost efficiency for multiple sites, I have settled for WordPress- hosted on platforms like SiteRubrix or Wealthy Affiliate.   

    If I were running just one business I would probably return to Squarespace because of its ease of use and great design.  I enjoyed reading about your other suggestions, and will maybe explore them a little bit more. 

    • Hi Mike,

      I agree that WordPress is a really good platform. It’s why it’s integrated with SiteRubix, which also is part of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

      Running one business is satisfactory, and I would recommend it to anyone starting out.  I agree that Squarespace is suitable for those who are very creative.

      Yes, SiteRubix is a very good choice. Not only because it’s a free builder, but it’s the best platform for anyone to get started with no experience.

      Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts- I greatly appreciate it.


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