Top 7 Characteristics Of A Good Project Manager: Business Guide

A project manager can be an excellent resource for your business. Knowing some of the characteristics of a good project manager can help you find the right candidate. In these cases, the best project managers are the ones who drive change and produce results.

If your business is growing, you may need a project manager to organize your large workload. In this article, I will go over seven characteristics to look for in a project manager.

What is a project manager?

Project managers plan, assign, and oversee certain tasks to certain individuals, ensuring they are executed correctly. Often, they overlook the work of a team assigned to the task.

When issues come up, they’re usually the first person to go to when things may not work out as planned. Or, if some people need another opinion from a project manager before moving forward.

Not only do they monitor progress, but PMs ensure that results are coming out from the projects. PMs are very common in large organizations, and it makes it easier for the management hierarchy.

These are some of the top characteristics of a project manager. A project manager should possess a variety of traits. However, for this article, these are the top ones to look for in a project manager.

  1. They’re An Effective Communicator
  2. They’re A Team Builder
  3. They’re A Proven Leader
  4. They Show Empathy To Others
  5. They’re Proficient With Technical Skills
  6. They Share The Vision Of The Business
  7. They Work Well Under Pressure
Characteristics of a good project manager: This article will discuss what a good project manager does.

They’re an effective communicator

This one is very important when it comes to interacting with team members. PMs need to know how to assign tasks, along with figuring out who are the best individuals to take on specific ones.

Basically, a PM needs to be a “people” person, and regularly keep in touch with their team members. If they lack communication skills, it will be more challenging to manage projects. So they have to be clear when giving instructions and make sure they follow up when needed.

Characteristics of a good project manager: Project managers need to communicate effectively with their teams.

They’re a team builder

A PM is very good at team-building skills. If that means delegating tasks to make the workload easy, that helps along the way. Delegation helps with breaking down the work, and it makes it easier for everyone.

When it comes to complex tasks, being able to partner with some people to work on a difficult task may be necessary at times. Sometimes, assigning a more challenging task to one person can be overwhelming. 

So bringing two-three people to work on a big task makes it easier to tackle. A PM making those decisions is part of good team-building skills.

Characteristics of a good project manager: A project manager understands how to put team-building skills to work.

They’re a proven leader

Having strong leadership skills helps with project management as well. The desire to motivate a team can pay off in the long run. PMs who can convince others that their work is meaningful can help them achieve their goals.

For any PM, it helps to have experience in a leadership role. For instance, being a team leader back then can help with making decisions in managing any project. Especially if you have worked in a group, you understand how to coordinate workflows.

Characteristics of a good project manager: Project managers tend to have strong leadership skills.

They show empathy for others

PMs need to have empathy with those they’re working with. If they’ve been in a similar situation as a team member, it helps to identify any weaknesses or areas of improvement. It is also helpful in understanding the project’s needs.

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They’re proficient with technical skills

PMs need to have an intermediate understanding of using specific software. Sure, knowing theory can help, but applying the skills is more important. 

Being familiar with project management tools can help, especially if the business uses a specific software tool. Working on a project can be simplified if you know what works effectively.

Characteristics of a good project manager: It helps that project managers have an understanding in technical skills.

They share the vision of the business

A PM should have a similar vision to where they work; in other words, they have a clear understanding of a company’s mission and values.

Along with that, they’re willing to share that with their team members. It can help steer them in the right direction so that changes can be made smoothly. By doing so, it empowers people to take part in projects in an active way.

They work well under pressure

There may be times when a project can take a wrong turn (or derail). Does the question then become whether a project manager can remain patient and calm? If they’re always calm, they can stay on track with a project’s schedule.

Or, when a looming deadline comes along, will they be able to finish a project on time? That’s where the pressure may set in, and it can be a make-or-break moment as it gets closer.

If project managers can work under pressure, it helps a long way. Also, they can share good practices with others when it comes to meeting deadlines. It can help to share that advice ahead of time and avoid last-minute scrambling.

Characteristics of a good project manager: A project manager is able to work well under pressure.

Final Words

There are a lot of traits that make an excellent PM. Some of the characteristics discussed earlier are a few examples of what a PM should possess.

If you’re a business owner, you may need to hire a PM soon, so these characteristics are helpful to keep in mind. It can benefit your business if you’re looking to simplify your workload.

Whatever the case may be, you want someone who will go above and beyond expectations. If a PM can make projects simpler to coordinate, it will be less of a hassle later on.

Your Turn: How do you define a great project manager?

I would like to get your thoughts on this topic. Have you worked with a project manager before?

What do you believe makes an excellent project manager? Do you identify with any of the characteristics mentioned? Is there anything else that a project manager needs to have?

Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. I look forward to reading your responses, and I look forward to responding promptly.

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