Sumizeit Review: Does It Work Like Spark Notes For Adults?

How about reading that pile of dusty books lying around? There is no reason why people can’t find time to read. In this post, I will discuss a reading app called Sumizeit. This Sumizeit review will not only help people who need time management help but also entrepreneurs.


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  1. What Is Sumizeit?
  2. Pros & Cons
  3. How Does Sumizeit Work?
  4. Can Sumizeit benefit you and your business?
  5. Pricing
  6. Final Words
Sumizeit review: This post breakdowns a reading app called Sumizeit. This image is the main cover for the post.

What is Sumizeit?

Sumizeit is an app where you can download and read non-fiction books. Either you can read or listen to summaries (i.e. 3-5 minute nugget pieces) of well-known books. 

Most of the reading material is designed for entrepreneurs and executives looking to improve their business practices. If you’re a business owner or CEO, you know that time is your most valuable asset. 

You understand the importance of outsourcing and delegating tasks to your team. By delegating work to your team, you save time to focus on learning and growing your business. With reading apps such as Summit, you can set time to read or listen to summaries of popular books.

If you’re in a hurry….

Here’s a list of the pros and cons of the reading app. Along with that, it follows a brief video of what Sumizeit entails.

Sumizeit (Youtube)

Pros & Cons


  • Book summaries in 5-10 minute bite-size pieces (take out fluff)
  • “Try It Out” approach before buying a buy you may want to read more into
  • The savings potential is excellent by not initially buying books
  • Hundreds of titles to choose from (new books come out each week)


  • You don’t get the full value of a book with summary formats only
  • Books are nonfiction, mostly on business and self-development topics
  • Serves more for the business community (managers, CEOS)
  • The library is not as extensive based on other formats (i.e. Blinkist has a more comprehensive collection of titles)

How Does Sumizeit Work?

Using the desktop version or mobile app, it is easy to download and get summaries immediately. This reading app has an intuitive interface that works like most reading apps.

Here are some of Sumizeit’s top features:

Sumizeit Review: 5-10 minute key insights

The Sumizeit app works this way: Their team will read the books, followed by writing the key takeaways. They write them in quickly readable summaries and can range from five-ten minutes (some publications may be a few minutes longer). 

Sumizeit review: Reading summaries are broken down into 5-10 minute formats. You can read them or listen to most of the selections in their library.

As a user, you get the benefit of reading or listening to a book in under five minutes. If you’re short on time for reading, an app like this can save you time by setting aside five minutes a day.

Audio, text & video format

Sumizeit comes with an audio version and text format. It’s convenient for those who commute and travel if they want to listen to a book. 

Or if you’re like me, looking at a book while doing chores or working out at the gym. All books are available in bite-size audio and text, which is suitable for those wanting to learn knowledge on the go.

Also, they have a Cliff Notes feature to get real-world knowledge on everyday topics. The great thing about Sumizeit is it brings some of the best business and self-help books into 5-10 minute nugget size pieces.

More than a hundred titles are available 

Sumizeit comes with hundreds of books available for you to read or listen to in your free time. Some of them are on the New York Times BestSeller list, such as The Snowball (Warren Buffett) and the Four Hour Workweek (Tim Ferriss).

Sumizeit review: Sumizeit has a wide variety of books to choose from in their library. New reading material is added every week.

They add new book summaries each week so you can continue to learn and grow in a short time. The app has 12 nonfiction categories to choose from, including:

  • Biography & Memoir 
  • Management & Leadership 
  • Career & Success
  • Marketing & Sales  
  • Entrepreneurship  
  • Money & Investments 
  • Communication Skills Motivation & Inspiration Self-Development
  • Psychology 

Courses on personal and professional development

Along with their book selection, Sumizeit has a collection of courses to go through. For the most part, these are related to personal and professional development.

Classes can range from mastering conversations to working from home and building a strong professional network. These classes last between 30 minutes and an hour and a half.

Sumizeit review: Sumizeit has a neat collection of courses. The topics can range from personal development, career and management skills, and productivity.

Although they are part of the Sumizeit website, they are not part of individual membership. So the courses do cost extra money.

The prices can range between $5.99 to $19.99, depending on the subject matter. But if you’re willing to invest some money and time to improve yourself, the courses may be well worth paying for.

Can Sumizeit benefit you and your business?

In an ever-changing world, access to more knowledge has become widely available via the internet. Whether through a laptop or a smartphone, you can instantly access learning materials within minutes these days. 

Sumizeit is one of several services that address the issue of people pressed for time for reading. Although their app is designed for those in business, it helps busy professionals set minimal time for reading each day. 

Although Sumizeit has a smaller collection of books, it has titles broken down into shorter reviews. This approach is easier for people who need only five minutes or fewer of reading time daily.


When you create an account, you can read or listen to three book summaries for free. After your first three books, you will need to upgrade to a premium subscription. All plans come with a 7-day free trial. Their premium plans include the following:

Monthly Plan ($6.99/Month)Yearly plan ($4.17/month- $50.04 annually)– Best ValueLifetime Access ($89.99)
This plan is the right fit for you if you want to try it out for one month. You have the option to cancel at any time, so no need to wait until your renewal period is up. If you like to be flexible, try it out for a month or so.This plan is the most popular option. For less than $70 a year, you’ll have unlimited access to hundreds of books.One-Time Payment
Prices are accurate as of January 2023

Sumizeit also offers plans for businesses. As a manager, you can help your team members learn with a personalized plan. It may be an excellent option if you think it would benefit your team to strengthen their skills. Check out their team breakdown for more information.

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Final Words

I’ve tried out Sumizeit, and I enjoy using the app. I now moved over to the yearly plan to see if I prefer listening to short titles instead. 

It’s neat that I get to set less than five minutes each day for the last week to hear snippets of some well-known books. I’ve learned some great tips in the self-development category, as this subject is one that I’m passionate about. 

Don’t make excuses saying you don’t have time. If you’re ready to use Sumizeit today, sign up here for your first three books free.

Your Turn: Is Sumizeit your solution to reading and learning?

I would like to read some of your thoughts on this reading app. Do you find it to help you get more reading time daily?

What do you think of their courses? Do you think they can benefit you in becoming a better professional? Is there anything you don’t like about Sumizeit, or what else they can offer?

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below. I look forward to reading them and I’ll respond promptly.

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4 thoughts on “Sumizeit Review: Does It Work Like Spark Notes For Adults?”

  1. This seems like a great program, and the price is awesome. I like the idea of reading a non fiction book where all the fluff has been left off, as often you have limited time, and reading fluff does waste time, where as if you can get all the important nuggets of information, that would be ideal.

    The yearly plan does seem cheaper, but you do mention that there are limited titles, so maybe taking it on a month to month basis is better to start off with to make sure you are going to make full use of it.

    • Hi Michel,

      The option to read books with less or no fluff is appealing these days. Especially when a lot of people don’t have time to read a book in full, a service such as Sumizeit can benefit in many ways.

      I never was someone who likes wasting time on reading mostly fluff. If there are things I don’t need to know about, then I won’t bother reading it.

      I always prefer annual plans, and Sumizeit sure has a great deal on it. But I agree with you on the limited list of readings available. So that’s a valid point to make.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and reading over the review. They’re much appreciated.

  2. I have a reading problem. It takes me so long to read a book that I forget what I have just read. Then I have to reread those passages again. This is so time-consuming 

    After reading your review, I felt that having the books I want to read summarized and offered in audio form is a great solution. I see a snag and maybe you can provide a solution.

    Your review stated that I can only choose from the library of books already processed by Sumizeit. This got me thinking. Are there smart reader apps available where you can use your phone to snapshot all the pages and have AI read the material and summarize it for you? 



    • Hi Edwin,

      You’re not the only one who has reading problems. Especially when it comes to recalling certain passages, it’s not that easy.

      What I like about Sumizeit is it breaks down those passages to be easily recalled. When I listened to some of the selections, it was broken down nicely.

      So with your concern, it may be a great solution to what you’ve struggled with. But you bring up some good points.

      Regarding your question, I’m not sure if there any apps, or specific ones that look into smart-reading. But I’ll look into it and see if that’s the case. 

      I’m glad you brought that up, as the topic of AI has gotten some attention over the years.

      What I can share with you is another review I did not too long ago. I think this one might have an AI feature when reading articles. 

      I appreciate your question- it’s something to do more research into this subject. Thank you for sharing your thoughts- they’re much appreciated.


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