NTK Weekly Recap (July 30-August 5, 2023)

This week at No Time Killers, we delved into two significant topics: Understanding the customer purchasing lifecycle and managing images on a WordPress website.

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Understanding The Customer Purchase Lifecycle

In the world of online marketing, prioritizing customers is crucial. Putting customers first builds trust, creates loyalty, and establishes a sustainable competitive advantage.

This customer-centric approach leads to satisfied customers and drives business growth and profitability.

Understanding your customers’ behaviors, motivations, and the journey they take from discovering a product to making a purchase is key.

This journey is known as the Customer Purchase Lifecycle, which includes:

  • The Research Phase
  • The Decision Phase
  • The Purchasing/Action Phase.

Each phase requires different strategies to guide the customer toward making a purchase.

The article also promotes Wealthy Affiliate, a platform designed to support aspiring entrepreneurs. It provides foundational training, weekly expert classes, and personalized support.

How Do I Get Media Images In WordPress? Basic Steps Guide

Images play a crucial role in website design. In WordPress, you can add media images by uploading them directly to the Media Library or through the post/page editor.

The WordPress Media Library is a repository of all your media files, including images, videos, and documents.

It’s a key component of your website, allowing you to conveniently add, edit, and delete media files.

The article also mentions the Wealthy Affiliate core training as a resource for learning how to do this effectively.

Managing and organizing your images effectively is vital as your site grows. The article recommends image optimization as a best practice for using images on WordPress.

It suggests using tools like ShortPixel to compress your images without losing quality. It also emphasizes the importance of leveraging SEO by adding alt text, appropriate file names, and captions to your images.


In conclusion, putting customers first and effectively managing media images in WordPress are key to the success of your online business.

By understanding and implementing these concepts, you’ll be well on your way to creating a customer-centric business that thrives in the online marketplace.

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