Is Webnode A Good Website Builder? Website Builder Review

Are you looking for a primary website builder for your business? Do you want one that has unique features or differentiates it from other website builders? One of those options may be Webnode, which has been around for some time. However, is Webnode a good website builder? 

Although it has some neat features, it’s not considered a top-notch website builder. Due to its lack of simplicity, I don’t think it’s the best one out there.

But it’s worth looking into to see what Webnode is all about. In this review, I’ll break down the website builder and its best features and determine if it’s the best choice for you.

  1. What is Webnode?
  2. Pros & Cons
  3. How does Webnode work?
  4. How can Webnode benefit you as a website owner?
  5. Who is Webnode designed for?
  6. Pricing
  7. Is Webnode worth it?
  8. Final Words

What is Webnode?

Webnode is a website builder where you can use drag-and-drop elements to create websites. Founded in 2008, it provides three types of solutions: personal websites, business websites, and eCommerce stores.

With a drag-and-drop feature, you can do a lot with blogs, photo galleries, and much more. Similar to other website platforms, Webnode has similar features, which I’ll be going over shortly.

If you’re in a rush…

Here’s a list of the pros and cons of the Webnode website builder. Along with that is a brief video breaking down Webnode, and whether it’s the best choice for building a website.

Webnode Review: The Multilingual Website Builder

Pros & Cons


  • Free plan
  • Multilingual websites
  • Backup and restore feature
  • Free email address (included with paid plans)
  • Ecommerce options


  • The editor is not the best to use
  • Limited customer support
  • No mobile app
  • Lack of widgets or an app store
  • No newsletter tool for marketing

How does Webnode work?

When you sign up, you’ll be asked a series of questions (through a webmaster wizard). Some of the questions you’ll be asked include:

  • What kind of website do you want?
  • Do you want to build a blog or an online store?

Similar to other website builders (Wix & Weebly), it helps you put a simple website together. With a nice variety of themes to choose from, you can set up a nice website in a short period of time.

Is Webnode a good website builder? This page is an "About Us" as part of the Webnode builder.

Drag and drop builder

Webnode comes with a simple drag-and-drop builder, making adding content simple. If needed, you can edit it inside the content box. It’s a little different to use, but still manageable to navigate.

Is Webnode a good website builder? Webnode has a nice selection of themes to choose from.

Modern-looking templates

There are a wide variety of options to choose from for templates. Whether it’s a business website or an online portfolio, there are a lot of choices to choose from.

Is Webnode a good website builder? Webnode has a wide variety of templates to choose from.

Build multilingual websites

By far, this one is the top feature that many website builders do not have. Webnode is one of the few builders to have multiple languages available.

It can be useful for multiple translations, especially if you’re targeting people who speak a second language (other than English). The builder can translate into 20 different languages.

Options to build eCommerce stores

Webnode has some options to build eCommerce stores. They have a free and a paid option, which both are doable to create an eCommerce store.

SEO marketing

Webnode has some helpful guides for SEO, which can be beneficial for your website getting discovered via search engines. They provide basics, including page titles, meta tags, and alt tags. All of these basics are great for SEO and building traffic to your website over time.

Is Webnode a good website builder? Webnode has a simple drag and drop builder, but slightly different.

Is Webnode easy to use?

{It is relatively easy to navigate through Webnode on the whole. With a lack of advanced features, it’s not recommended for building a complex website (such as an e-commerce store).}

How can Webnode benefit you as a website owner?

Webnode doesn’t have a lot of benefits, but there are a few things to consider. As mentioned earlier, you can create a website in multiple languages. So there’s that focus on making a website for a specific group of individuals.

Also, there are many options for choosing a template, which helps make a website modern. Along with that, you can get a free domain your first year through one of their paid plans.

Who is Webnode designed for?

It’s best for those wanting a basic website, or to have a simple online presence. So if you run a small business, a website through Webnode can be a good starting point.

Also, it’s helpful in building online portfolios as well. If you’re an independent contractor (or you’re someone who wants to showcase your talent), Webnode can be a good choice in that area as well.


Webnode offers a free plan to start off with, especially if you’re not sure about using the advanced features. For the paid plans, they offer four types of options

Profi (fully equipped websites for professionals) $22.90/monthStandard (popular choice) $12.90/monthMini $7.50/monthLimited (the most basic plan- allows you to attach a free domain) $3.90/month
Prices Accurate As Of November 2022

Except for the limited plan, all plans come with a free domain. Along with that, you’re given a 15-day free trial to use one of their paid plans.

Is Webnode worth it?

Rating: 5/10

Webnode has some neat features, especially with the multilingual option. However, it’s not quite a superb builder. There was a time when it was good (say 15 years ago), but as of today, not so much.

Using some of the features makes it feel outdated, and possibly a little bit of a learning curve. So not being advanced as other website builders, it may not be the top choice on the list.

My thoughts

When I tried out the Webnode builder, some of the parts were easy to use, but I was not quite impressed. For instance, the editor was buggy sometimes- so it was challenging to edit my content. 

Another thing to mention is I don’t like customer support that much. Sure, they have helpful guides (FAQS) for any troubleshooting problems. But the other option is email support (which is only available five days a week).

I think a website builder should have more options available (phone, chat, email, etc). But those are my thoughts, and it would be more helpful.

Overall, as much as there are some good features, Webnode is not the most advanced builder out there. So I would give it a pass and look at something else.

Final Words

Webnode is one website builder that’s been around for a long time. Although there was a time when it was really good (their first few years), the website builder is not that useful. It’s still a great option for some people, but it’s not for everyone. 

Although I don’t recommend it, it’s still worth trying. If you want to check out one of their plans, you have a 15-day free trial to try it out. If you like what you see, give it a try today.

Your Turn: Is Webnode worth it?

I would like to get your thoughts on the website builder. Do you think Webnode is a good choice for beginners?

What do you think of the features available? Do you think they can help make your website stand out?

What don’t you like about Webnode? If so, what can be improved with the services?

Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. I look forward to reading your responses, and I’ll gladly respond promptly.

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2 thoughts on “Is Webnode A Good Website Builder? Website Builder Review”

  1. Webnode is a drag-and-drop program geared to be set up quickly so that a business can have an online presence quickly. As such, it is a good program. 

    The ability to translate into over 20 different languages ensures that it can be used internationally. That is incredible. 

    Now add to this the fact that it is free and you have a powerful reason why business owners who have a limited budget would find this builder attractive! 

    As long as the program is user-friendly, customer support might not be all that important. Thanks for the review, I think this product will work for me.

    • Hi,

      Yes, that’s a basic description of Webnode in general. It sure is easy to navigate through, and the language translation is awesome.

      It’s good they provide a free plan; besides some of the limitations, it works well for those starting out in building a website.

      Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts- they’re greatly appreciated.


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