Is It Worth Following Your Dreams? I Would Say, “F–K Yes!”

A lot of people ask whether they should pursue their dreams or not. But really, is it worth following your dreams? 

The simple answer to that is- Hell yes!

Following your dreams is worth it because it helps you to live a more satisfying life, while also being more fulfilled with what you do right now.

It may not be realistic when you’re a little kid; however, as you got older, your dreams start to get a bit more complex. 

That’s where the creative side of you comes in and plays out in reality. Let’s go over some ways that it can come into play.

  1. Should I Follow My Dreams Or Be Realistic?
  2. Identifies Who You Truly Are
  3. Is It Selfish To Follow Your Dreams?
  4. Helps You Be Your Most Authentic Self
  5. Originality Always Wins
  6. Questions To Ask Yourself
Is it worth following your dreams? This post will go over a few things to keep in mind when following your dreams.

Should I follow my dreams or be realistic?

Whatever you’re thinking in your mind and where you want to go is worth pursuing no matter what. Here are two reasons why it’s worth following your dreams.

Is it worth following your dreams?

Absolutely yes-  It’s worth following your dreams because it helps identify who you truly are as an individual.  If you want to live a more satisfying life, you need to set some time aside to learn about yourself. If you do that, you’re going to be more fulfilled and live a purposeful life.

Is it worth following your dreams? This article goes over two reasons for following your dreams regardless.

Identifies who you truly are

When considering your own strengths and talents, that can help identify who you really are as an individual. If you’re somewhat of an artistic person, but you hate doing menial or repetitive work, then by all means you should focus more on the artistic side of your talents.

Regarding myself, I’m very skilled in writing and creating videos. Rather than doing repetitive work where I have to do things over and over again, I find that the creative side of writing content really helps identify who I am.

Is it selfish to follow your dreams?

Most people think it’s selfish, but really following your dreams is all part of believing in yourself. If you’re willing to take small risks, some people may think it’s foolish to do that or think that you’re ignorant.

But really, what you’re risking today could end up turning out to be a great decision down the road- especially if you’re willing to follow your dreams.

Helps you be your most authentic self

If we want to live fulfilling lives, we simply just have to be ourselves. Far too often, a lot of people will look up to other people and want to be just like them.

But that’s not how living life should be. Sure, we want to look up to other people who are role models to us.

However, it’s important that we just be ourselves because that helps us identify our originality and who we truly are as individuals.

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Originality always wins

For me, writing unique content in my own words expresses my true beliefs and opinions. I like to write in my own words because that’ll help people identify who I really am.

In the case of artificial intelligence or AI-generated content, none of that will replace originality in a human being.  

Sure, maybe it’s easy to pump out content that’s really unique. But if you think about it more closely, it’s not really your own work- you’re not being original.

This tip is something to keep in mind when you’re testing out AI content. It may be popular right now, but it will likely fade off once everyone is trying it out.

That’s why originality in all of us truly wins out at the end of the day.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Have you always wanted to follow your dreams?
  • Would following your dreams identify who you are as an individual?
  • Do you believe it’s important to be yourself rather than impersonate other people?
  • Do you believe being human is better than using artificial intelligence?

Final Words

Being able to follow your dreams is well worth an adventure. If you decide not to go down that route, then you’re resigning to a life of living like an average person. 

Or to put it in other terms, you’re giving up your dreams for a life of mediocrity.

So yes, it’s well worth following your dreams. If you’re on board with me, I want you to take that next step ahead and start taking risks right now.  

You never know what you could accomplish over time.

Your Turn:  Are you willing to follow your dreams to live a better life?

I would like to get your thoughts on this question. Do you believe it’s well worth following your dream?

Do you believe in yourself and your abilities to succeed? Are you a risk taker, or are you going to sit on the sidelines and wait for things to play out?

Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. I look forward to reading your thoughts, and I’ll gladly respond promptly.

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