Is It Better To Plan A Day In The Morning Or Night Before?

For years, I used to struggle with planning my days out. At first, I thought it was easy by making a simple to-do list. But I found that to not be the most effective way to plan a productive day. One thing that I asked myself early is “Is it better to plan a day in the morning or night before?” That’s not an easy one for some people, but simply put, I think it’s best to plan it out the night before.

Planning your day the night before can help you save time, along with avoiding frustrations and stress about what you need to get done. Some people don’t take the time to do it earlier, and that can easily change.

Planning the night before increases productivity

As I mentioned, I used to write simple to-do lists at the beginning of each day. Little did I know, I didn’t end up crossing off all the 20-something things I wanted to get done on a given day.

After realizing it wasn’t as effective, I had to switch things up. So I ended up planning out my list the night before. 

But I didn’t just make a traditional to-do list- I ended up making more of a priority list. When I bring up a priority list, I narrow it down to getting a few things done.

For example, I’ll ask myself: 

  • What are one-three important things I need to get done today? 
  • Will these tasks help me move toward accomplishing my long-term goals?

Selecting only a few tasks, helped me retain my focus and get more done in one day. Therefore, it boosted my productivity after sticking to it for a few months.

Is it better to plan a day in the morning or night before? It helps to plan out your day the night before.

Planning the night before gives you a jumpstart

When you plan your day the night before, you end up saving time in the morning. Even though it may take you five-ten minutes, you want to get an idea of what you’re going to do after you wake up in the morning.

Not only that, but you may wake up feeling groggy or not in the best mood. Even one morning can throw you off and make you not want to do the things that have to get done.

My situation 

There have been times I felt a little tired or not in the best mood. If I didn’t plan out my day the previous night, I ended up going down a rabbit hole.

For example, checking your cell phone or doing whatever you feel like doing. Not having a plan or structure can make for a very unproductive day ahead. 

Fortunately, I’ve gotten better at it over time. When I plan my night out beforehand, I know exactly what I need to do once the morning comes by.

Final Words

Some people may differ from what I suggested. Maybe you’re strictly a morning person, and you plan out your day after you wake up.

But based on my experience, I find planning the night before helps you get a jumpstart. It can help increase your productivity, which means getting more done than you think you would. 

I encourage you to give it a try for a week or so. Heck, stick to this new habit for a few months, and see if you find yourself more productive than you are right now.

Your Turn: Do you plan your day the night before?

I would like to get some of your thoughts on this subject. Do you plan your day out ahead of time?

If so, do you plan it out in the morning, or the night before? Do you find yourself getting more done by doing it ahead of time? 

How can you do a better job at planning out a day? What can you do differently about it?

Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. I look forward to reading your responses, and I’ll gladly respond promptly.

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