How Do I Buy A Domain Name Permanently? A Basic Guide

A domain name is more than just a web address-it’s the bedrock of your online business. To consider it a long-term investment, how do I buy a domain name permanently?

There exist multiple choices for acquiring items that possess enduring worth.

But the best place for starters is by signing up for an account at Wealthy Affiliate, a platform that provides you with access to their domain registration services.

With the assistance of Wealthy Affiliate, a trusted platform renowned for its domain registration services, the path to securing your permanent online address becomes clear.

In this post, we will explore the process of acquiring a domain name that you can own for a long time. 

But first, I want to briefly go over what a domain name entails and why it’s important to have in the long run.

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  1. Don’t Underestimate The Power Of A Domain Name
  2. Procuring Your Permanent Online Address With Wealthy Affiliate
  3. Choosing The Perfect Domain Name
  4. Prioritize Brandability
  5. Steer Clear Of Dashes
  6. Opt For “.com”
  7. Keywords Are Not Everything
  8. Next Steps After Registering Your Domain Name With Wealthy Affiliate
How do I buy a domain name permanently? This post will go over simple steps to acquiring a domain name.

How do I buy a domain name permanently?

Register with a trusted registrar like Wealthy Affiliate for a secure domain name. You’ll have complete ownership and control of your domain.

Don’t underestimate the power of a domain name

A domain name is more than just a web address; it’s your digital identity and the foundation of your online business. 

A domain name is the specific address of your website on the vast internet. It’s a memorable and user-friendly substitute for complex numeric IP addresses, which can be difficult to remember.

Owning a domain name permanently provides you with stability and consistency for your online brand.

It allows you to build credibility and establish your presence in the digital landscape. 

Whether you are starting a blog, an e-commerce store, or any other online venture, having a permanent domain name is a critical foundational element.

Procuring your permanent online address with Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate makes the task of securing your permanent online address smooth and straightforward. 

It begins with setting up a Wealthy Affiliate account. Once logged in, look for the “Websites” menu on the left sidebar, then click on “SiteDomains.” 

That will lead you to a search bar where you can enter your desired domain name. If it’s available, a few clicks are all it takes to purchase and register it.

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Choosing the perfect domain name

Let’s delve into the key considerations for choosing the right domain name:

Prioritize brandability

A brandable domain name is unique, catchy, and gives a hint about your brand ethos. 

Consider the brand “Apple” – the name doesn’t limit it to selling computers; it could sell virtually anything, allowing for expansion and brand growth. 

On the contrary, a name like “AffordableLaptops” pigeonholes you into selling only cheap laptops, limiting long-term growth.

Another example can be Tesla. “Tesla” is far more brandable than “ElectricCarsOnline.” 

The former isn’t limited to selling electric cars; it has room to expand into other businesses, like solar energy, thereby allowing for long-term brand development.

How do I buy a domain name permanently? This graph lays out four best tips to buying a domain name.

Steer clear of dashes

Dashes can make your domain name appear less credible, and they’re often forgotten or misplaced by users.

Choosing a domain name that doesn’t include dashes is generally better.

Consider the difference between “” and “” 

The former appears more professional and is easier to type and remember, reducing the risk of potential customers landing on a different website.

What it should like like

For my own website, here’s how it should look: NO
Domain charts

It’s much better to go with the one with dashes- simply because it’s easier for people to remember.

How do I buy a domain name permanently? This list consists of domains that are available through my domain account.

Why do I have to pay for my domain name every year?

The annual fee for a domain name is essentially a rental fee for the rights to use that specific web address for a year. This fee goes towards the domain registrar’s administrative costs and supporting the global infrastructure that allows domains to function on the internet.

Opt for “.com”

Although numerous domain extensions are available, “.com” is universally recognized.

Despite the proliferation of new domain extensions, “.com” remains the most recognized and trusted. 

If a “.com” version of your chosen domain isn’t available, it might be worth brainstorming new names rather than settling for a different extension.

For instance, if you tell someone your site is “,” they might mistakenly remember it as “” 

It’s why I believe it’s safer and more convenient to stick to a “.com” domain. I think it’s because it’s easier for people to remember when going to visit a domain online.

A relevant article from

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How much is a permanent domain?

The cost of a domain name can vary greatly, depending on the registrar and the domain extension. However, on average, a new domain name registration with a “.com” extension typically costs between $10 to $15 per year.

How do I buy a domain name permanently? Here's how much a domain name costs per year.

Keywords are not everything

Back in the good old days of search engines, having a keyword in your domain could give you an edge in search engine rankings. 

Today, it’s far less impactful. In fact, Google’s algorithm updates have decreased the importance of keyword-rich domain names. 

The Panda update that came out back in 2011, led to weeding out low-quality websites. These websites had garbage-type content, with the intention of ranking solely by stuffing keywords in these articles.

As a result, the algorithm is designed to rank better websites that have high-quality content. These are articles that help users find the information they need.

Instead, it’s best to focus on creating valuable and relevant content that meets your users’ needs.

Can I get a domain name for free forever?

While some platforms may offer a domain name for free, it’s usually only for a limited time or as a subdomain. A small annual fee is generally required to maintain full ownership and control over a domain name without platform branding or ads.

How do I buy a domain name permanently? You can check out a domain name and purchase between 1-10 years.

Next steps after registering your domain name with Wealthy Affiliate

Once you’ve registered your permanent online address with Wealthy Affiliate, you’re poised to begin building your online presence. 

Wealthy Affiliate’s comprehensive tools, resources, and training suite will prove invaluable in your journey. I strongly recommend checking out one of the core lessons in the Wealthy Affiliate training.

This lesson offers valuable insights to help you maximize your online impact after securing your domain name. 

So, take this step today to propel your online venture to new heights.

Watching this lesson requires you to upgrade to at least a Wealthy Affiliate premium membership.

If you’re not ready, I strongly recommend you set up a free starter account (FSA) and go through the first level of the OEC course. 

If you’ve already upgraded, log into your account and proceed from there.

Final Words

The process of securing a permanent domain name is a vital step in establishing a thriving online business. 

With Wealthy Affiliate, this process is simple and highly affordable. 

Selecting a brandable domain, free of dashes, using a “.com,” and not solely focused on keywords, it’ll create a strong foundation for your online success. 

Join the Wealthy Affiliate community today and begin your journey to online prosperity.

To get the full breakdown, be sure to check out my extensive review of Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to learn more and are interested in this platform, read “Is Wealthy Affiliate A Good Program? Wealthy Affiliate Review” to get all of the details. This review is well worth your time as you make your best decision.

Your Turn: Are you looking to buy a domain name for your business?

I would like to get your thoughts on this topic. What brandable domain name ideas align with your online business or niche?

Have you ever encountered challenges or advantages with dashes in domain names? 

How can a well-chosen domain name contribute to your online brand’s long-term success and growth?

Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. I look forward to reading your thoughts and I’ll gladly respond promptly.

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