How Can I Spread The Word About My Business? By Talking

Every now and then, I wonder what’s the best way to inform people about my business. I like to do it in a friendly manner, so how can I spread the word about my business?

To this day, the best way to do that is through real (authentic) human interaction; in other words, that’s through face-to-face conversations.

Sure, we do have the internet today. 

You can interact with people online; but sometimes, that doesn’t replace the authentic interaction that you can have with someone in person.

Even though we’re now in the internet era (through video conversations), having those face-to-face interactions does matter to growing your business.

In this post, I’m going to discuss a recent interaction I had with a local business owner. 

Still, what I took away from our conversation really hit home to me and is something that we should continuously be doing.

  1. My Interaction With A Local Business Owner
  2. Going Back To The Basics: Face To Face Interaction
  3. There’s Always A Human Element To Doing Business
  4. My Point Is The Following
  5. Questions To Ask Yourself
How can I spread the word about my business? This post will go over how to have a real conversation with someone about business.

How can I spread the word about my business?

Besides doing it through social media online, a great way to do it is through a simple conversation: that is authentic face-to-face human interaction- where you just discuss what you do for a living.

It can take place in an informal setting, such as a coffee shop or a sandwich bar. As long as you’re doing it in a friendly manner, that can be an effective way to share your business.

In my interaction with a local business owner 

Not too long ago I had an encounter with an individual at a Panera Bread. 

He was sitting right next to my table, where he was laying out a lot of work for his own business.

I won’t go into what he does, but he seemed really organized and focused on the work he did.

As I was about to leave that day, he started a little conversation with me. I wasn’t surprised, but I was happy he initiated it because we ended up having a good conversation.

Some of the things we talked about were social media and a little marketing. 

So I found the conversation really helpful, and it really got me thinking about how we’re supposed to interact with others.

How Can I Spread The Word About My Business? The Human Element

How do you get customers to spread the word?

Communicating with someone in person it can be done through a simple conversation. That can be through storytelling or explaining a situation that they can relate to.

When you can get them on board, you can then share your business card or you can give them your website and social media pages. Although that human interaction does help, you still want to be able to share where they can find you online.

Going back to the basics: Face to face interaction

What I took away was having that normal in-person interaction. 

The fact that I was having a face-to-face conversation with him showed that I was respectful, and also open to the ideas he shared with me.

It was that moment when I felt calm and I was having a good conversation. I didn’t mean to be that way, but I showed my respect and I even followed up with him and asked questions as well.

In some manner, it felt like the traditional way of doing business: The idea that this individual was sharing his ideas with me felt like how business is always been done.

There’s always a human element to doing business

When it comes to the business side, there’s one thing that always applies: When we’re establishing a brand– no matter what type of business you’re in, there will always be the human element to this side.

By the human element, there will always be human interaction in the middle of a business transaction. 

I know that may sound obvious, but it’s something that most people won’t keep in mind.

How can I spread the word about my business? Having a face-to-face conversation helps with business practices.

The problem with the internet marketing industry

In the internet marketing space, I’ve noticed that there has been something missing over the years.

There are people out there claiming to be fake gurus and saying that their solution is going to help solve your problem.

But really, it could be nothing more than a big scam. These people are trying to take advantage of others online, and they don’t put that human element into perspective.

If the goal is to sell and make a lot of money, then they’re not considering the person on the other side.  

The human element is not there, and it shows that they’re there for the sake of making a buck from someone else.

My point is the following

Based on the conversation I had with this individual, I realized that is how business has always been done in the past. 

Believe it or not, that still is the case today even in the age of the internet.

Keep in mind that there are real human beings who want to do business with you. 

Whether that’s through a simple conversation or if they’re online viewing your content,  there is someone out there who wants to work with you.

How can I spread the word about my business? Real human interaction is key to growing a business.

Similar to the online world, the same rule applies to offline businesses. 

Regular human interaction is key for any type of business. Without it, there is no business at all if no one is buying from you.

So the next time you have a conversation with someone- whether in person or online, always keep that human element in mind when you’re putting people first. 

It’s showing that you care about their needs and concerns.

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Questions to ask yourself

  • When was the last time you had a conversation with someone about business?
  • Do you feel that the human component is missing today, especially in the Internet era?
  • Have you always thought sharing your business was best done through face-to-face conversations?
  • What will you do starting today with getting your word out about business?

Final Words

Even though a simple conversation, it’s one of the best ways to share the word about your business.

It may be hard to believe but if you think about it is effective if you know how to communicate with someone.

We can interact with others online, but face-to-face interactions will always stand out. 

The person I talked to at Panera Bread showed that it still holds true today.

What to keep in mind

So keeping the human element in mind, the fact that there are real human beings who want to do business with you is something to consider. 

The interaction I had with him proved that the best way to still do it is by having a real conversation with a real human being.

The question is: Will you start doing the same thing today? 

Are you willing to start a conversation, or are you willing to listen to someone who wants to share their business with you?

Your Turn:  How will you get the word out about your business?

I would like to get your thoughts on this topic. What do you think is the best approach the sharing your business ideas?

Have you always thought that it was through face-to-face interactions? 

Or have you thought that it was communicating with people online?

Do you have a better understanding of what the human element entails? Does it make more sense in what it takes to do business?

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