Four Best Writing And Editing Software Tools For Business

The act of writing can feel difficult (or even a chore) sometimes, but not always. If you struggle to come up with the right phrases or sentences, it can take up a lot of time. If you write often for your business needs, you may find a writing tool to be beneficial. The following guide will discuss some of the best writing and editing software to use when writing. There are four tools I will go briefly discuss, along with giving my top recommendation.

At A Glance: Best Writing and Editing Software For Business

If you find yourself in a hurry, here is a summary of the best writing tools for your business. I discuss later in the article why I like these tools.

Writing ToolPriceCheck Out
Grammarly$30/MonthView Plans
ProWritingAid$20/MonthView Plans
Whitesmoke$13.33/MonthView Plans
Ginger Software$19.90/MonthView Plans
*Prices are based on premium plans offered through these services

Best Writing and Editing Software For Business

The following are my reviews for each of the writing assistants. I think these four tools can help anyone to become a better writer. Not having the need for someone to proofread your writing, these tools can provide great suggestions to help improve your writing substantially.

#1 Grammarly

Best writing and editing software: Grammarly is a great writing tool, and my favorite so far.
Pricing:Free & $20/Month
Downloadable on Browser Extensions:Yes
Business Plan For Teams:Yes
Money-Back Guarantee:14 Days
Accurate As of July 2022

My favorite writing tool is Grammarly because it helps me make my writing look clear and concise. The suggestions provided make sense, which makes it easier to read my articles.

I’ve used Grammarly for the last few years. As a premium user myself, I get a lot of value from getting helpful suggestions that make my writing easier to read.

# 2 ProWritingAid

Best writing and editing software: ProWritingAid is a very comprehensive writing tool to use, with plenty of writing styles.
Pricing:Free & $20/month
Downloadable on Browser Extensions:Yes
Business Plan For Teams:Yes
Money-Back Guarantee:14 Days
Accurate As of July 2022

ProWritingAid (PWA) provides a lot of writing styles, including creative, casual, and business writing. So if you’re more on the creative side, PWA can be a handy tool to help make your writing stand out. 

Also, PWA provides up to 20 reports. These reports analyze your writing more in-depth and go over things such as sentence variations, passive voice, and vagueness. 

If you want to “learn as you go” while trying out different writing styles, PWA is an excellent writing tool for it. It may look comprehensive at first, but it can get easier over time once you understand how to use the tool.

# 3 WhiteSmoke

Best writing and editing software: WhiteSmoke is another great tool that uses NLP and AI to make writing more enhanced.
Downloadable on Browser Extensions:Yes
Business Plan For Teams:Yes
Money-Back Guarantee:No
Accurate As of July 202

WhiteSmoke is a neat grammar and spelling checker. It’s similar to other writing tools, but one of its best features is the style checker. It helps with reducing monotony and switching tenses.

It helps make your writing flow go smoother, which can make reading it easier to follow along. With the features they provide, it’s best suited for those in the legal industry. 

For example, it can help with writing legal contracts. If you own a law firm, a tool such as WhiteSmoke can come in handy for more formal documents.

# 4 Ginger Software

Best writing and editing software: Ginger is a unique tool because it analyzes sentences rather than just words.
PricingFree & $19.99/Month
Downloadable on Browser Extensions:Yes
Business Plan For TeamsYes
Money-Back Guarantee For Teams7 Days
Accurate As of July 2022

Ginger is a unique tool because of its ability to analyze sentences over words. It helps to rephrase sentences better, especially if you have trouble coming up with the right words.

Having tried it out myself, the variations look better than what I originally wrote in an article. Also, their mobile app (i.e. keyboard feature) is great for writing as well. Similar to WhiteSmoke, Ginger can come in handy when writing a lot of legal documents.

How to choose a writing tool: A buyer’s guide

When choosing a writing tool, it can take some digging into what makes one stand out. Picking the right one can help you make the most of your business needs. Here are the following things to consider when picking a writing tool.


When using a writing tool, do you find it easy to use? Are you able to navigate through it and learn quickly?

It can be overwhelming to learn new features, but it gets easy over time. A writing tool that does not provide too much (while keeping things simple) can help get the job done.

Free of distractions

One problem with writing tools is they can provide too many suggestions at once. ProWritingAid is comprehensive, but it can be too much for those who don’t consider themselves advanced writers. When that happens, it’s easy to get lost and not focus on your primary writing.

When you’re too focused on the nitty-gritty things, that can take up time. It can be a bit overwhelming when you’re writing with some of the tools that provide a lot of suggestions.

Accurate suggestions

While writing and reviewing your sentences, do you find the suggestions helpful? Or more importantly, do they make human sense?

One problem with the Ginger writing tool is some of their variations don’t make sense. As a result, when you see something that isn’t making sense, you should look at a more accurate version.


When you have trouble navigating through a writing tool, you want to have some type of support available. If you can get help by submitting a ticket (or sending an email), that’s a plus.

A tool that offers a guide page (i.e. FAQS) can help answer a lot of questions that writers may have. Grammarly provides a great FAQ page on the tool, as well as how to use it effectively.

Top Recommendation For Businesses

Writing tools like these are useful for improving the quality of your writing. But if I had to choose out of the four, the top choice is Grammarly.

Grammarly is simple to use, especially if you’re not someone who writes too often. Although it may cost more, the tool provides a lot of value in making you a better writer. 

As a user myself, Grammarly hasn’t been disappointing at all. To this day, I’m impressed by how much better my writing looks once I publish my articles online.

The next option is ProWritingAid. It is more comprehensive and can help you become a better writer. In case you wanted something more sophisticated, PWA is also a great choice.

Best writing and editing software: Writing can be challenging, but can be simplified with writing tools.

Your Turn: Which writing tool do you prefer?

I would like to get your thoughts on these software tools. Are you someone who writes a lot for conducting business?

Out of the four choices, which one do you like the most? Whatever choice you made, how do you think the tool will benefit your writing? 

Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. I look forward to reading your responses, and I’ll gladly respond promptly.

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  1. Your article helped me a lot. Thanks! I’m trying to write a blog myself at the moment, but it’s really very difficult. It’s a lot of fun but I think I could improve with the right software. You put me on the right path! But what other software can you recommend?

    • Hello Iou,

      Starting a blog can be a challenge in the beginning; however, it gets much easier over time as you practice more often. In my experience, practicing really helps a lot.

      I’m glad to hear you found this article helpful. These writing tools can help anyone improve their writing so that it can sound clear and concise.

      As far as other software tools, there are not any in mind I have right now. Besides my top recommendation in this post, there are the best choices I have.

      But that’s something to consider, and I will look into writing more reviews regarding other writing tools. I think it would benefit people such as yourself (especially if you want more options).

      Thank you for asking, and sharing your thoughts as well- they’re greatly appreciated.

  2. Thanks for sharing an informative article. Writing is not easy, especially when making sure your content is grammatically correct. 

    I used to struggle with editing my content until I came across Grammarly. Grammarly has helped me in so many different ways. 

    I write without thinking about whether the grammar is correct or not. Grammarly automatically corrects all. You can make the most out of Grammarly even with the free version.

    • Hi Bethel,

      Many people think writing is challenging (or as I mentioned- it feels like a chore). But with keeping a few things in mind, it’s not that bad when you practice more often.

      I’m glad that you agree that Grammarly is an excellent choice. I can tell Grammarly has benefited your writing needs, as it can make your writing look much better than before.

      It’s such a nice feeling that you can write without thinking so much about grammar. When you have Grammarly turned on, it’ll automatically bring up a suggestion when needed. 

      It’s a great tool to use, even with the free version. You can make the most out of the tool with just the free version alone.

      Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts- they’re greatly appreciated.


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