Do You Need A Website Anymore? 9 Reasons It’s Needed

In the fast-paced digital era, some businesses may question whether websites are still relevant today. So do you need a website anymore?

Of course, there is no doubt that a website still remains the bedrock of any business. 

A website isn’t merely an online address for your business- it’s an essential tool that can significantly impact your success. 

In this post, I will briefly explain why a website is necessary to run your business. 

Regardless if you have a traditional brick-and-mortar store or a digital business, a website can keep your business at the top of the competition.

I will also discuss nine reasons why every business needs a website, now more than ever.

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  1. Do I Need A Website For My Business?
  2. Credibility And Professionalism
  3. Accessibility And Visibility
  4. Marketing And Advertising
  5. Sales And eCommerce
  6. Communication And Customer Engagement
  7. Control Over Your Narrative
  8. Showcase Your Work
  9. Data Collection
  10. Compete With Larger Businesses
Do you need a website anymore? This post will go over some reasons why a website remains relevant today.

Do you need a website anymore?

Yes, there’s no doubt that a website remains a cornerstone (or the bedrock) for any business. It’s not only an online address for your business, but it’s essential to creating a significant impact for you and helping your potential customers.

Do I need a website for my business?

A website is your business’s digital storefront in an increasingly connected world. 

Regardless of your industry or business size, having a website is like having a powerful, 24/7 salesman working tirelessly to promote your products or services, reach new customers, and engage existing ones. 

It’s your space in the digital world where potential customers can discover who you are, what you offer, and how you can solve their problems.

Why Is A Website Important For Your Business? 5 Reasons You Need One

Websites are more than just a modern necessity. They are a dynamic tool that can adapt and grow with your business. 

They provide an avenue for unlimited potential, enabling businesses to reach audiences beyond geographical boundaries, showcase their unique value proposition, and directly interact with their customers. 

An effective website also provides invaluable data about your customer’s behavior, which can lead to more strategic decision-making. 

As such, a website is an investment that can generate significant returns for your business.

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Do you need a website anymore? This graph lays out 9 ways a website is essential for a business.

Credibility and professionalism

Not having a website can raise questions about your business’s legitimacy. A professionally designed website lends credibility. 

For example, ‘Joe’s Local Coffee Shop’ saw a significant increase in its customer base when it launched its user-friendly website, showcasing its offerings and customer testimonials.

Accessibility and visibility

Your business is accessible around the clock with a website. It offers customers the convenience of reviewing your products anytime, anywhere. 

Initially, Airbnb, a small website, revolutionized how we book accommodations worldwide by being accessible 24/7. It continues to be a great alternative to staying at a hotel.

Marketing and advertising

Websites serve as cost-effective advertising platforms. 

The Dollar Shave Club, a razor subscription service, shot to success through a humorous online video, driving immense traffic to their website and leading to a billion-dollar acquisition.

Is it worth it to create a website anymore?

Undoubtedly, creating a website for a business is not just worth it but necessary in today’s digital age. It provides a critical platform for businesses to establish their brand, reach a wider audience, and engage with customers more effectively, all contributing to increased growth and success.

Sales and eCommerce

Your website can serve as an online storefront open 24/7, expanding your customer base exponentially. 

Shopify, an eCommerce platform, has often empowered numerous businesses to increase their sales.

Communication and customer engagement

Websites offer an effective platform for communicating with customers. 

Amazon’s user reviews provide valuable insights to prospective buyers and create a sense of community and trust around the products.

Control over your narrative

Websites allow you to control your business’s narrative and brand image. 

Tesla’s website is a perfect example, showcasing its innovative technologies and vision for sustainable transport, shaping public perception in the process.

Are websites a thing of the past?

Far from being a thing of the past, websites are more relevant than ever in 2023. As the digital era evolves, they continue to serve as essential tools for establishing an online presence, expanding market reach, and fostering customer relationships in a globally connected marketplace.

Showcase your work

A website can act as a portfolio of your work. For creatives like photographers or designers, a website is invaluable. 

Brandon Woelfel, a famous photographer, uses his website to showcase his stunning work, attracting clients and followers worldwide.

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Data collection

Websites provide valuable data about customer behavior, enabling you to make informed business decisions. 

Spotify uses its website to track user behavior, recommending personalized playlists and discovering music trends.

Compete with larger businesses

A website lets you compete with larger businesses by leveling the playing field. There’s nothing wrong with leveling up your game with larger businesses.

Warby Parker, an eyewear brand, used their website to challenge larger, established brands, offering affordable, stylish eyewear online.

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Final Words

The importance of a website in today’s digital age cannot be overstated.

It lends credibility, enhances visibility, provides cost-effective advertising, and it can open up new sales avenues.

It can also foster customer engagement, allows control over your narrative, showcases your work, helps in data collection, and enables competition with larger businesses.

In the grand scheme of things, the investment required to create a website is minimal compared to the potential benefits. 

So: Is it still worth creating a website? 


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Your Turn: Is having a website still relevant to you today?

I want to get your thoughts on this topic. Here’s some food for thought:

  • What aspect of creating a website for your business seems the most challenging, and why?
  • If you already have a website for your business, how has it contributed to your success? 
  • Can you share a specific instance where your website played a crucial role?
  • What feature or aspect would you consider most important when designing a website for your business, and why?

Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. I look forward to reading your responses and’ll gladly respond promptly.

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2 thoughts on “Do You Need A Website Anymore? 9 Reasons It’s Needed”

  1. This is an excellent article you have written here, Eric- discussing the nine reasons a website is still needed for an online business in today’s digital environment. 

    I love that you have incorporated the YouTube video into your article because it helped to explain to me the reasons that a website is still relevant.

    I have heard testimonies where folks have claimed that they have had greater success with social media accounts alone, but I’m just not sure that I believe that. 

    The reason is that the kind of authority that is going to be necessary for that kind of success seems unreasonable from social media alone, unless you are a famous person or something extreme like that.

    Wealthy Affiliate makes building your own website so easy. 

    I don’t see why people wouldn’t choose to build something they own, rather than depend on a particular social media platform to be around forever to accommodate their business.

    • Hi Joseph,

      Yes, having a website is still relevant today more than ever. It’s why I emphasize to individuals to focus on building a website- rather than solely relying on social media.

      Building one through Wealthy Affiliate is the best route to go. As you mentioned, it’s much easier than people think it is.

      Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts- I greatly appreciate your words.


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