Can I Blog Without A Niche? It’s Not So Scary!

When I started blogging, I thought I could write articles for anyone to see; however, I realized I needed to narrow it down further to find the right audience. That’s where picking a niche comes into play, but can I blog without a niche?

Yes, you can. But it will be much harder if you’re only reaching out to a general audience. It’s better to have one to narrow down your target group further.

If you have a niche that interests you, it’ll be much easier to write content for the right audience. 

Remember that one of the goals of a niche blog is to get people to visit your website. If you can’t find the right group of people, your website won’t be that successful in the long run.

In this article, I’ll go over what a niche is all about. I’ll review it from one of the lessons done in the Online Entrepreneurship Certification (OEC) course at Wealthy Affiliate.

Also, I’ll go over some basic steps and where you can do some research to narrow down a niche.

UPDATED: MAY 4, 2023

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  1. What Is A Niche?
  2. Breaking Down A Niche
  3. Key Takeaway
  4. How To Decide On A Niche
  5. Best Places To Get Ideas
  6. What If I Can’t Decide On A Niche?
Can I blog without a niche? This post will break down what goes behind creating a niche website.

What is a niche?

A niche is a specific segment of an industry that appeals to a particular group of people. The key point to remember is the audience you’re targeting.

A niche can consist of any interests, hobbies, or passions you have. It also may be something you want to learn as well.

Some things I’ve been interested in throughout the years include:

  • Bowling < Something I used to do back while in middle school (I was part of a bowling league at the time).
  • Music < I love certain types of music, such as smooth jazz.
  • Exercise < Specifically, I’ve been into doing home workout videos for the last few years.
  • Men’s clothing < Specifically, I’m into men’s fashion and clothes (suits).
  • Outdoors < More recently, I’ve enjoyed being outdoors and experiencing nature.

These are a couple of interests that I’ve broken down. Any of these interests can be a niche that you can start a blog or YouTube channel.

Can I blog without a niche? A niche is easily understood if you break it down further.

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Breaking down a niche (Example: Baseball)

So let’s break down a niche further, and we’ll do sports for instance. Baseball happens to be my favorite sport of all time.

I used to do little league baseball while growing up, which was fun back in the day. Also, it was great watching the Chicago Cubs play- my family and I are big fans of them (Go Cubbies).

But when it comes to baseball, that sport is very broad. More so, we need to break it down further as a niche.

Regarding a niche website, you can narrow down your interest to baseball gloves or baseball cards. I believe those are always some things that baseball fans value and will buy at some point. 

Baseball < Baseball gloves

Let’s take baseball gloves: Some ideas for creating content on a niche website include:

  • Left-handed baseball gloves
  • Right-handed baseball gloves
  • Youth baseball gloves
  • Catchers mitts
  • Team logo gloves

This area is only one segment you can go over and narrow down. You can have a niche blog that covers baseball gloves (or similar apparel), and it’s possible to make multiple commissions if you do it right.

Do you really need a niche to blog?

It’s possible to have an online business or blog without a niche; however, it’ll be more challenging if you’re only appealing to a general audience. Simply put, you’re not targeting a specific group that would be interested in the niche you’re in.

Key takeaway: Choose a niche that you’re interested in

Oftentimes, people will pick a niche that makes the most money. I don’t recommend going down that route unless your niche is something you love talking about.

Building a niche blog should not feel like a job (or doing chores). It should be fun and something you enjoy doing.

When picking a niche, you want to make a decision based on how you can help people get what they want. Also, the two key criteria that can help you choose a niche include:

  1. Something you’re passionate about, or you’re willing to learn more.
  2. Narrow it down to a specific segment of the industry the niche is in.

If you can find a niche with those two things, it’ll be so much easier to create a niche blog. Finding something you’re passionate about (while narrowing it down) will make the work not as hard as it is.

A relevant article from

Read next on “What Niche Is The Best For Beginners? 5 Things To Consider“, to figure out which niche works the best for you. As a beginner, picking your niche is a crucial step to an online business.

How to decide on a niche (in less than an hour)

Picking a niche should not take a week to decide on, or not even an entire day. The reality is you’re likely going to choose more than one niche for an online business. 

Your interests may change over time, so it’s best to not get stuck on picking one niche. If for some reason your interests change, then go on to another niche.

I think it’s best to choose a niche you’re sincerely interested in doing right now. It may end up being something you create content about for a very long time.

You don’t need to BE an expert, you BECOME an expert.

Kyle Loudoun (co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate, instructor of the WA Online Entrepreneur Certification Course

Choose your direction

As part of the OEC training within WA (level 1: lesson 3), you can use a new tool called the niche finder. This tool came out in early 2023, and it’s very simple in coming up with lots of ideas for niches. 

You will be amazed to see what you can discover, especially when you’re narrowing down a niche. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like on the WA home page.

Can I blog without a niche? The niche finder is a new tool that came out within the WA platform.

Questions to ask yourself

As you decide on a niche, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are some things you’re purchasing every day? 
  • What are some things you’ve been researching lately?
  • What are some hobbies that you have?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What excites you? What makes you want to get up in the morning?

How important is a niche in blogging?

Having a niche blog can simplify the process of finding the right audience for your blog. When you have a target group to write to, it’ll be easier to help them get what they want. Whether that’s solving a problem or picking a particular product, you’re narrowing down an audience that will come visit your website.

Best places to get ideas (For free)

To get more ideas and research further, there are places to go. Some of the best places to utilize include:


Believe it or not, Google is a great starting point to look up ideas instantly. By doing a basic search (typing in terms or phrases), you’ll get hundreds (if not thousands) of results.

For instance, if I were to type in the search bar, “best baseball gloves for”, I would get a lot of results on which groups I could write to. 

If it’s “best baseball gloves for 10-year-olds”, that’s a great topic for a buying guide or roundup post. Here’s a screenshot of the autosuggestions that came up after typing in that term.

Can I blog without a niche? Doing a basic search on Google is a great starting point for niche ideas.

As you can see, there are some good suggestions to take away when writing about the best baseball gloves. Also, it gives you a better idea of who you’re wanting to target.

Can I blog without a niche? You can get great search results by typing in a "best.." term.


For the latest products or best sellers, Amazon is the go-to place for all of that online. You can get a lot of ideas by looking up the latest products in your niche.

So if I were to look up baseball gloves in the best seller category, I get a lot of listings by typing that into the Amazon search bar.

Can I blog without a niche? There are many listings that come up when looking things up on Amazon.

Looking up the latest products can be well worth looking into. It’s especially good for writing buying guides or product reviews on a niche website.

Answer Socrates

This website is excellent for getting common questions being asked on Google. Besides using Google itself, Answer Socrates is another alternative to trending topics that people are asking questions on.

It’s great for getting ideas for content posts. More so, you can easily find user-generated content that may appear on the first page of Google (after typing in the question).

Can I blog without a niche? You can get common questions asked on Google through Answer Socrates.

In regards to baseball gloves, some common questions that showed on my end include:

  • Can baseball gloves be washed?
  • When should you get a new baseball glove?
  • Is vaseline good for baseball gloves?
  • Can you use baseball gloves for golf? (Believe it or not: People are asking about that on Google!)
Can I blog without a niche? Some questions listed through Answer Socrates.

These questions are great to use for informational content. If you have a niche website on baseball gloves, these are some great topics for you to write about. 

At the same time, you’re also helping others answer their questions. Writing content where you’re answering questions being searched on Google makes for relevant content to put out online.

What if I can’t decide on a niche?

If you’re completely stuck, then that’s ok. There are some options available if you have no idea which niche to go into.

Here are a few of them:

  • Reach out to me directly for help: Simply send me a message via the contact page on this website, and I’ll be sure to reach back to you for assistance.
  • If you’re already a WA member, comment on my profile. Or, you can send me a private message (PM) within the platform, and we can go into more detail on which niche you should choose.
  • Check out another beginner training that is mentioned in the third lesson of OEC. This training course may be another great alternative to starting a niche website.

Either way, you do have other options to review if you’re having trouble with niche selection. I’m confident you can find a niche that you’ll enjoy doing for an online business.

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Final Words

Choosing a niche for your blog is not difficult. If you take the time to ask yourself some basic questions, it makes selecting a niche much easier than you think.

Overall, your blog needs to be tied to a specific niche. When you have a niche, the better chances of targeting the right audience that’s interested in reading your blog.

When you have the right audience, the more likely they are to read your content and come back to visit your niche website regularly.

If you’re interested in finding your niche, I encourage you to look into it further. You can easily get started with the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate.

Sign up for your free starter account today, and you get access to the first five lessons of the OEC course. The third lesson covers niche selection in general, so that’s where you’ll be spending some time picking a niche.

Get going on that and pick a niche that you enjoy or want to learn more about. You’re going to like what you see.

Can I blog without a niche? This is a video from lesson 3 of the first level of the WA OEC training.
Choose A Niche (OEC Level 1: Lesson 3)

*It’s highly recommended that you start from the beginning with lesson 1. It’s my best practice to get the most out of the training at Wealthy Affiliate.*

Your Turn: Do you have a niche for a blog?

I would like to get your thoughts on this topic. Do you currently have a blog that discusses a specific niche? 

Have you struggled with picking a niche before? What’s the hardest part about picking a niche when starting out?

Do you use any of the resources (i.e. Google) to help with researching your niche? Do you now have a better understanding of how to do research?

Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. I look forward to reading your responses, and I’ll gladly respond promptly.

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4 thoughts on “Can I Blog Without A Niche? It’s Not So Scary!”

  1. Thanks Eric for the outstanding overview of what a niche is, how to pick one, and whether or not it is possible to blog without a specific niche.

    A niche should be a topic that the writer is comfortable writing about, but it’s not necessarily required to be a true expert at the beginning because expertise will be gained with time and exposure with the topic you are bloggjng about. 

    I think the most important aspect of picking a niche should be the author’s interest level in the chosen topic that way they know they will be interested in the subject, even as their knowledge is the topic continues to grow.

    So, would you agree that the answer to the question in your title is, no you can not blog successfully without a niche?

    • Hi Joseph,

      That’s a great understanding of what a niche is. It’s exactly what it should be about.

      Regarding your question, the answer is yes. If you want to have a blog that will make you substantial income, choosing a niche around it will help immensely. So it’s something to keep in mind.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts- they’re greatly appreciated.

  2. I love how you have the contents of your post listed and hyperlinked in the beginning of your post!  It was so easy to read, then skip to the places I wanted to reread!   

    When I started my blog I had a list of things I knew really well, but didn’t know if I could niche down enough to any of them.  I was so overwhelmed that I waited almost two years to take it seriously!!  

    I wish I would have come across your post back then!!  

    Great post!  looking forward to more! 

    • Hi Rebecca, 

      It’s easy to get into having a list of things to write about.

      But if you don’t have a clear direction of where you want to go (i.e. a niche), it can be hard to write topics for your blog.

      Although it took you longer than usual, at least you’re starting to take it serious now. 

      So I’m glad that you’re taking that step in the right direction, and that this post helped you out. 

      Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts- they’re greatly appreciated.


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